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Kinship of George Washington Rowland


Name                                                       Birth date                    Relationship with George Rowland


?                                                                                                      Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

?                                                                                                      Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?                                                                                                      Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

?                                                                                                      Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

?                                                                                                      Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?                                                                                                      Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?                                                                                                      Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?                                                                                                      Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?                                                                                                      Wife of the great-grandson

?                                                                                                      Wife of the great-grandson

?                                                                                                      Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

?, Andy                                                                                         Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Angie                                                                                         Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Ann                                                                                            Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Annette                                                                                     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Baby                                                                                         4th great-grandchild

?, Bessie L.                                              16 Dec 1910               Wife of the great-grandson

?, Betty L.                                               07 Dec 1945               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Boy                                                                                            4th great-grandson

?, Brenda                                                                                      Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Carol                                                                                         Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Carolyn                                                                                     Wife of the great-grandson

?, Carrie                                                                                        Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Child                                                                                          4th great-grandchild

?, Child                                                                                          4th great-grandchild

?, Child                                                                                          3rd great-granddaughter

?, Chris                                                                                          Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Darlene                                                                                     Wife of the great-grandson

?, Dena                                                                                          Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Diana                                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Donna Jean                                        24 Oct 1949               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Edna                                                                                          Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Elanor                                                                                       Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Farzin                                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Francie                                                                                      Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Gabriella                                                                                   Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Geneves                                                                                    Wife of the great-grandson

?, Heather                                                                                     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Jackie                                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Jan                                                                                             Wife of the great-grandson

?, Jan                                                                                             Wife of the great-grandson

?, Jennie                                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Jessie                                                                                         Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

?, Julia                                                                                           Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Kacie                                                                                         Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Karen                                                                                        Wife of the great-grandson

?, Katie                                                                                         Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Kim                                                                                           Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Kristi                                                                                          Wife of the 4th great-grandson

?, Kristia                                                                                       Wife of the 4th great-grandson

?, Kyrah                                                  16 Jul 1945                 Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Laura                                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Leatha                                                                                      Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Linda                                                                                         Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Linda                                                                                         Wife of the great-grandson

?, Linda                                                                                         Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Marge                                                                                        Wife of the great-grandson

?, Marie                                                                                         Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Marie                                                                                         Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Mary                                                                                         Wife of the great-grandson

?, Mary Jean                                                                                Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Meledy Kay                                                                             Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Merle                                                                                         Wife of the great-grandson

?, Meshelle                                                                                   Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Norma Lee                                                                               Wife of the great-grandson

?, Pam                                                                                           Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Pam                                                     20 Feb 1971               Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Pat                                                                                             Wife of the great-grandson

?, Patricia                                                                                      Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Paul                                                                                           Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

?, Paul                                                                                           4th great-grandson

?, Pearla                                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Phyllis J                                               Abt. 1961                    Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Priscella June                                      16 Jun 1949               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Regina                                                                                       Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Rhonda                                                                                     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Roberta                                                                                     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Robin                                                                                        Wife of the 4th great-grandson

?, Rose                                                                                          Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Ruby                                                                                         Wife of the great-grandson

?, Ruth                                                                                          Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Samantha                                                                                Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Sandy                                                                                        Wife of the great-grandson

?, Sheila                                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Shelly                                                                                        Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Sheryl                                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Shirley                                                                                       Wife of the great-grandson

?, Son                                                       Abt. 2004                    5th great-grandson

?, Son                                                       Abt. 2006                    5th great-grandson

?, Stephanie                                                                                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Sue                                                                                             Wife of the great-grandson

?, Susie                                                                                          Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Teresa                                                                                       Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Terrie                                                                                         Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Tina                                                                                           Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Tonya                                                                                       Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Tracie                                                                                        Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

?, Tracy                                                                                         Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Tracy Lynn                                                                              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Tulei                                                                                          Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Valerie                                                                                       Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Vickie                                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Waneta Mae                                      23 Oct 1952               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

?, Yvette                                                                                       Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Abbott, Carla Mae                                30 Jul 1963                 3rd great-granddaughter

Abbott, Crystal Dawn                          14 Oct 1977               3rd great-granddaughter

Abbott, James Kyle                              27 Aug 1961              3rd great-grandson

Abbott, James W.                                  01 Jul 1938                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Abbotts, Willie Mae                              04 Mar 1924              Wife of the great-grandson

Abegg, David                                         20 Jun 1952               3rd great-grandson

Abegg, James                                         29 Dec 1955               3rd great-grandson

Abegg, John Richard                            03 Aug 1927              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Abegg, Mary Angela                             12 Sep 1968               3rd great-granddaughter

Abegg, Michael                                      26 Feb 1957               3rd great-grandson

Abegg, Stephen John                            06 Oct 1950               3rd great-grandson

Ables, Frances Pauline                         11 Oct 1929               Wife of the great-grandson

Abney, Betty                                                                               Wife of the great-grandson

Accipiter, Allyson Elizabeth                13 Jan 1999               3rd great-granddaughter

Accipiter, Blake Allen                           07 Jun 2004               3rd great-grandson

Accipiter, Carl Allen                              05 Sep 1971               2nd great-grandson

Accipiter, Dawn Michele                      27 Dec 1969               2nd great-granddaughter

Accipiter, Michael A.                            16 Jul 1951                 Ex-husband of the great-granddaughter

Adams, Barbara Jo                               17 Feb 1959               2nd great-granddaughter

Adams, Bonnie Mae                                                                  2nd great-granddaughter

Adams, Brenda Joan                            03 Dec 1980               3rd great-granddaughter

Adams, Craig Andrew                          05 May 1951             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Adams, Donna Marie                           27 May 1963             2nd great-granddaughter

Adams, Earl                                           04 Aug 1916              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Adams, Gerry Don                                26 Jun 1957               2nd great-grandson

Adams, Gina Bell                                  27 Dec 1959               2nd great-granddaughter

Adams, Jack                                          19 Jun 1936               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Adams, Johnnie Faye                                                                2nd great-granddaughter

Adams, Karen Denise                          17 Jun 1976               3rd great-granddaughter

Adams, Melinda Jean                          19 Apr 1962               2nd great-granddaughter

Adams, Steven Mathew                      23 Mar 1975              3rd great-grandson

Adams, Tere Diane                               08 Aug 1957              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Adams, Vonda Kay                             27 Apr 1973               2nd great-granddaughter

Adamson, Bobby Joe                                                                Great-grandson

Adamson, Ray LeVaughn                                                        Great-grandson

Adamson, Roy                                      14 Apr 1912               Husband of the granddaughter

Akers, William T.                                   Abt. 1962                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Allred, Jo Nanette                                  19 Jan 1958               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Ames, Luke Alexander                        03 May 2005             5th great-grandson

Ames, Matthew Alan                                                                 Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Amick, Hobart                                                                            Husband of the great-granddaughter

Anderson, Alan                                      15 Sep 1964               3rd great-grandson

Anderson, Alfred                                                                         Husband of the great-granddaughter

Anderson, Angela Raye                       01 Mar 1984              3rd great-granddaughter

Anderson, Cherryl                                 21 May 1957             3rd great-granddaughter

Anderson, Cheryl Kathleen                 27 Jul 1957                 2nd great-granddaughter

Anderson, Darla RaNae                       24 Oct 1964               3rd great-granddaughter

Anderson, Darren                                  02 Apr 1971               3rd great-grandson

Anderson, David                                   20 Oct 1967               2nd great-grandson

Anderson, Davin                                   10 Aug 1974              3rd great-grandson

Anderson, Delton Riley Newton         30 May 1931             Husband of the great-granddaughter

Anderson, Diane                                    25 Apr 1959               3rd great-granddaughter

Anderson, Doug                                     16 Aug 1965              3rd great-grandson

Anderson, Everett Leon                       04 May 1938             2nd great-grandson

Anderson, James Michael                   17 May 1947             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Anderson, Jodie                                     18 Apr 1910               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Anderson, Kalyn                                   Abt. 1983                    3rd great-granddaughter

Anderson, Lloyd Wayne                                                           2nd great-grandson

Anderson, Mary Angela                       11 Nov 1960              2nd great-granddaughter

Anderson, Nancy Carol                       30 Jun 1945               Wife of the great-grandson

Anderson, Ray Manon                        10 Nov 1939              2nd great-grandson

Anderson, Ricky Dee                            03 Mar 1966              3rd great-grandson

Anderson, Riley Newton                      26 Aug 1955              2nd great-grandson

Anderson, Robert                                  02 Jan 1962               3rd great-grandson

Anderson, Robert Lavonne                 16 Feb 1944               2nd great-grandson

Anderson, Shanda                                Abt. 1981                    3rd great-granddaughter

Anderson, Trista Karen                        12 Aug 1985              Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Ansley, Larry Dewayne                       21 Sep 1946               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Armstrong, Betty                                                                        Wife of the great-grandson

Arrigoni, Patricia Ann                           09 Oct 1964               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Ashcraft, Greg                                                                             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Asheraft, Kala                                                                             3rd great-granddaughter

Ault, Alan Ray                                                                            3rd great-grandson

Ault, Boy                                                                                      4th great-grandson

Ault, Child                                                                                    4th great-grandchild

Ault, Child                                                                                    4th great-grandchild

Ault, Child                                                                                    4th great-grandchild

Ault, Child                                                                                    4th great-grandchild

Ault, Child                                                                                    4th great-grandchild

Ault, Connie Sue                                                                         3rd great-granddaughter

Ault, Georgia Mae                                                                      3rd great-granddaughter

Ault, Girl                                                                                       4th great-granddaughter

Ault, Girl                                                                                       4th great-granddaughter

Ault, Girl                                                                                       4th great-granddaughter

Ault, Girl                                                                                       4th great-granddaughter

Ault, Girl                                                                                       4th great-granddaughter

Ault, Lane Nelson                                                                       3rd great-grandson

Ault, Lawrence Karlo                                                                 3rd great-grandson

Ault, Mary Lou                                                                           3rd great-granddaughter

Ault, Peggy LaRue                                                                      3rd great-granddaughter

Ault, Zeulen C.                                                                            Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Avant, Sara Esther                                08 Apr 1901               Wife of the grandson

Avery, Edwina                                       10 Apr 1950               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Avra, Mark Allen                                  27 Oct 1956               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Avra, Mark Hayes                                                                      3rd great-grandson

Avra, Whitney Marie                            Abt. 1986                    3rd great-granddaughter

Babb, Pamela Kay                               13 Jun 1962               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Bailey, Barbara                                     10 Sep 1944               Wife of the great-grandson

Bailey, Harley Michael                        03 Nov 1995              3rd great-grandson

Bailey, Michael Craig                           07 Apr 1951               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Bain, Darren                                                                                Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Banowsky, Jason Alex                         22 Mar 1975              3rd great-grandson

Banowsky, Joshua Allan                     20 Dec 1979               3rd great-grandson

Banowsky, Lawrence                           01 Jul 1947                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Bardone, Jeffery                                                                         3rd great-grandson

Bardone, Jennifer                                                                       3rd great-granddaughter

Bardone, Mike                                                                            Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Bardone, Zachary                                                                      4th great-grandson

Barker, Adrian Jack                              31 Mar 1925              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Barker, Adrian Jack Jr.                         15 Aug 1960              3rd great-grandson

Barker, Nancy Jean                              14 Aug 1949              3rd great-granddaughter

Barker, Roxanne                                   10 Aug 1950              3rd great-granddaughter

Barnett, James Ray                              18 Nov 1946              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Barnett, Kevyn James Richard          04 Aug 1974              3rd great-grandson

Barnett, Valerye Raye                         20 Jun 1972               3rd great-granddaughter

Barnwell, Michael Wayne                                                         Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Barnwell, Michael Wayne Jr.                                                    4th great-grandson

Barnwell, Tabitha Ann                                                              4th great-granddaughter

Barrett, Mary Edna                              24 Dec 1938               Wife of the great-grandson

Baser, Carl                                              09 Mar 1936              2nd great-grandson

Baser, Curtis                                           18 Feb 1944               2nd great-grandson

Baser, Doris                                            02 Apr 1941               2nd great-granddaughter

Baser, Helen                                           May 1939                   2nd great-granddaughter

Baser, Horace Ray                               14 Jul 1937                 2nd great-grandson

Baser, Milton R.                                    01 Feb 1911               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Bass, Kathy Rebekah                          27 Jul 1958                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Batch, Bobbie Joann                            25 Jan 1931               Wife of the grandson

Battles, Carolyn Ann                            26 Oct 1959               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Bayless, Linda Ruth                             18 Aug 1940              Wife of the great-grandson

Beam, Jennifer Ann                              06 Aug 1970              2nd great-granddaughter

Beam, W B                                             1936                            Husband of the great-granddaughter

Beam, William Eric                               12 Feb 1966               2nd great-grandson

Bearden, Lisa Amber                                                                 Wife of the 4th great-grandson

Beardon, Gary                                                                             Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Beardon, Greg Lynn                             Abt. 1969                    4th great-grandson

Beardon, Jesssica                                  Abt. 1989                    5th great-granddaughter

Beatty, ?                                                                                       Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Beayrd, Amanda Ashley                     20 Nov 1985              3rd great-granddaughter

Beayrd, Michael Emmett Jr.               18 May 1984             3rd great-grandson

Beayrd, Michael Emmett Sr.              28 Feb 1956               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Becker, ?                                                                                       Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Bennett, ?                                                                                     Husband of the great-granddaughter

Bennett, Heather                                                                        Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Bennett, Jacob Kinsey                         29 Apr 2000               4th great-grandson

Bennett, Jay Cole                                  03 Aug 1965              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Bennett, Jayme Renee                         05 Dec 1992               4th great-granddaughter

Bennett, Jessica Nicole                         22 Jun 1991               4th great-granddaughter

Bennett, Justin Scott                             16 Apr 1998               4th great-grandson

Berks, Paul                                                                                   Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Bershers, ?                                                                                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Bibbs, Cindy                                                                                Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Bibbs, Robert Lee                                 14 Mar 1955              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Bigham, Gerald Dean                           23 Apr 1970               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Bigham, Marcedes Janel                     10 Feb 1993               4th great-granddaughter

Bigham, Mason Dean                          01 Mar 1994              4th great-grandson

Bigham, Morganne Gayle                   22 Jan 2004               4th great-granddaughter

Billington, Fay                                                                             Wife of the great-grandson

Binkley, Beverly Ann                           20 Jun 1945               Wife of the great-grandson

Bishop, Ayden William Garrett          23 Jul 2005                 3rd great-grandson

Bishop, Charles                                     01 Nov 1946              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Bishop, Coby Jerrod                                                                   2nd great-grandson

Bishop, Henry Walton                         01 Dec 2008               3rd great-grandson

Bishop, Ian Terry                                  18 Feb 2000               3rd great-grandson

Bishop, Macy Mellacca                                                            2nd great-granddaughter

Black, Ruthie Faye                               25 Jun 1939               Wife of the great-grandson

Blackburn, Dollie                                  25 Nov 1905              Wife of the grandson

Blackburn, Sam                                    10 Dec 1896               Husband of the granddaughter

Blake, Dorothy                                      01 May 1960             Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Blansett, ?                                                                                    Husband of the great-granddaughter

Blansett, Haley Dyann                        31 May 1969             3rd great-granddaughter

Blansett, Jerry Wayne                          18 Jan 1946               2nd great-grandson

Blocker, Cordelia Minnie                     14 Jun 1922               Wife of the great-grandson

Boling, Shannon                                    08 Feb 1967               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Bond, Ida Jane                                      30 Mar 1878              Wife of the grandson

Booth, ?                                                                                        Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Booth, Christopher                                                                     4th great-grandson

Booth, Zachery                                                                           4th great-grandson

Bowerman, Mike                                                                        Husband of the great-granddaughter

Bowles, Lori Angela                              08 Nov 1962              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Box, Raymond                                      31 Jan 1962               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Boyce, Judy                                                                                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Bradley, Alexys Leigh                          13 Jun 1996               4th great-granddaughter

Bradley, Bobby Dean                          16 May 1948             2nd great-grandson

Bradley, Carrie Ann                              07 Feb 1970               3rd great-granddaughter

Bradley, Elyjah Matthew                    12 Apr 2000               4th great-grandson

Bradley, Frank Hal                               17 Feb 1958               2nd great-grandson

Bradley, Gable                                       30 Dec 1993               3rd great-grandson

Bradley, Jackson Allen                        18 Feb 1955               2nd great-grandson

Bradley, Jacqueline Dawn                   17 May 1986             3rd great-granddaughter

Bradley, Jessica Ann                            11 May 1987             3rd great-granddaughter

Bradley, John Mathew                         11 Feb 1976               3rd great-grandson

Bradley, Mary Elizabeth                     24 Feb 1977               3rd great-granddaughter

Bradley, Melissa Marie                        29 Aug 1971              3rd great-granddaughter

Bradley, Michael Joe                            29 Nov                        3rd great-grandson

Bradley, Segan Michael                       Mar 2006                    4th great-grandson

Bradley, Spencer                                   24 Oct 1995               3rd great-grandson

Bradley, Tara Leigh                              29 Sep 1980               3rd great-granddaughter

Bradley, Taylor                                     07 Mar 1989              3rd great-grandson

Bradley, Tucker                                     24 Oct 1995               3rd great-grandson

Bradley, Wade Roscoe                        13 Feb 1960               2nd great-grandson

Bradley, Wilburn Dean Jr.                   19 May 1951             2nd great-grandson

Bradley, Wilburn Dean Sr.                   24 Feb 1925               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Bradley, Zacarriah Nathaniel             25 Feb 2002               4th great-grandson

Bradshaw, Anita Lee                            12 Aug 1943              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Bragg, Sheila Marie                              09 Jul 1959                 Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Brakebill, Barbara Ann                        15 May 1930             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Branch, Susie Annette                          23 Jan 1954               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Branstetter, Leta Alexis                       20 Jan 2005               5th great-granddaughter

Branstetter, Nisha                                                                       Wife of the 4th great-grandson

Brantley, Della                                                                            Wife of the great-grandson

Brantley, Randal                                                                        Husband of the great-granddaughter

Brasher, Carla Kelley                           20 Aug 1954              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Brashiear, Diana Kay                          04 Nov 1957              Wife of the great-grandson

Bratcher, Gwendolyn Kaye                04 Aug 1955              3rd great-granddaughter

Bratcher, Janice Annette                     21 Jul 1959                 3rd great-granddaughter

Bratcher, Roy Alvin                              01 May 1935             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Bray, Adam Lee                                    12 Mar 1986              3rd great-grandson

Bray, Alex Phillip                                  13 Apr 1987               3rd great-grandson

Bray, Devin Thompson                       23 Aug 1988              3rd great-grandson

Bray, Gary Eugene                               22 Nov 1964              2nd great-grandson

Bray, Herschel Lee                               23 Nov 1928              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Bray, Tabitha Ann                                31 Aug 1983              3rd great-granddaughter

Bray, Troy Lee                                      11 Mar 1962              2nd great-grandson

Breakfield, Louise Dean                      24 Apr 1932               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Breedlove, Dale                                     03 Dec 1937               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Brent, Gordon                                                                              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Breshears, Alice L.                                04 Sep 1898               Wife of the grandson

Breshears, Aline                                     21 Apr 1933               Great-granddaughter

Breshears, Dena Ann                            26 Sep 1958               2nd great-granddaughter

Breshears, Derek                                   14 Jun 1964               2nd great-grandson

Breshears, Eric Alan                             10 Jan 1965               2nd great-grandson

Breshears, Eutha Ellen                         13 Mar 1915              Wife of the great-grandson

Breshears, John Ramsey                     15 Dec 1959               2nd great-grandson

Breshears, Leona Elizabeth                31 Mar 1896              Ex-wife of the grandson

Breshears, Linda Jean                          21 Jan 1945               Great-granddaughter

Breshears, Lorene                                 30 May 1943             Great-granddaughter

Breshears, Nettie Maebelle                  11 Aug 1903              Wife of the grandson

Breshears, Ryan Lee                            17 Jan 1975               2nd great-grandson

Breshears, Sammie J.                           02 Jan 1939               Great-grandson

Breshears, Samuel Franklin                22 Aug 1910              Husband of the granddaughter

Breshears, Vance Franklin                  28 Dec 1936               Great-grandson

Breshears, Vance Franklin Jr.             21 Jan 1960               2nd great-grandson

Briggs, ?                                                                                        Husband of the great-granddaughter

Brinkley, Lloyd                                                                           Husband of the great-granddaughter

Brock, Donna Lee                                 13 Dec 1965               2nd great-granddaughter

Brock, James Lee                                  15 Oct 1940               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Brown, ?                                                                                       Husband of the great-granddaughter

Brown, ?                                                                                       Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Brown, Angela Mae                                                                   2nd great-granddaughter

Brown, Brenda Kay                                                                   Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Brown, Calvin Clinton                         05 Jun 1916               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Brown, Daniel Dean                             05 Jul 1968                 Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Brown, Deborah Kim                           29 Jun 1958               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Brown, Geoffrey Philip                        03 Sep 1970               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Brown, Hayden Philip                          04 May 1999             3rd great-grandson

Brown, Katherine Erele                        04 Sep 1943               2nd great-granddaughter

Brown, Katrin                                        03 Mar 1956              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Brown, Marie                                         14 Dec 1894               Wife of the grandson

Brown, Mark Anthony                                                              2nd great-grandson

Brown, Mark Edward                                                                2nd great-grandson

Brown, Merit Ann                                 28 Dec 2002               3rd great-granddaughter

Brown, Nolan Robert                           03 Jun 2002               4th great-grandson

Brown, Norah Carolina                        11 Apr 2004               4th great-granddaughter

Brown, Patricia                                      17 Mar 1953              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Brown, Scotty                                                                              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Brown, Valerie                                                                             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Brown, Virginia R.                                 30 Jun 1927               Wife of the great-grandson

Bruce, Angela Denise                           12 May 1964             3rd great-granddaughter

Bruce, Evelyn Earlene                          17 Oct 1940               2nd great-granddaughter

Bruce, Lela Kathryn                             08 Mar 1942              2nd great-granddaughter

Bruce, Richard Eugene                        01 Sep 1972               3rd great-grandson

Bruce, Roger Eugene                            15 May 1943             2nd great-grandson

Bruce, Roger Eugene Jr.                       28 Dec 1965               3rd great-grandson

Bruce, Roslyn Janett                            09 Sep 1945               2nd great-granddaughter

Bruce, Travis Eugen                             19 Mar 1917              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Bullock, Kyla E.                                    1975                            Wife of the 4th great-grandson

Burelsmith, Ethan Courtney               01 Sep 1971               Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Burgos, John                                                                                Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Burke, Debbie L                                    Abt. 1969                    Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Burks, Janice Ann                                                                       Wife of the great-grandson

Burks, Jewel                                                                                 Wife of the great-grandson

Burks, Joni Lee                                      09 Oct 1983               3rd great-granddaughter

Burks, Marc Hodges                             13 Jul 1975                 3rd great-grandson

Burks, Randall Gene                            13 Jul                           Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Burns, Ona Lee                                      21 May 1947             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Burrage, Billy                                                                               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Burrage, David                                                                            2nd great-grandson

Burrage, David                                                                            3rd great-grandson

Burrage, Martha Lou                                                                 2nd great-granddaughter

Burrage, Michael                                                                        2nd great-grandson

Burrage, Shawn                                                                           3rd great-grandson

Burrage, Son                                                                                3rd great-grandson

Burrage, Son                                                                                3rd great-grandson

Burrage, Son                                                                                3rd great-grandson

Burrage, Steve                                       Abt. 1953                    2nd great-grandson

Burrow, Tonya                                                                            Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Burton, James Leon                             31 Jan 1921               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Burton, James Leon                             31 Jan 1921               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Burton, Nettie Francis                          14 Nov 1950              2nd great-granddaughter

Buscema, Gary                                                                           Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Bush, Walter Monroe                           16 Feb 1923               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Butler, Amanda Jean                           25 Jun 1970               3rd great-granddaughter

Butler, Kelly Marie                               26 Sep 1967               3rd great-granddaughter

Butler, Kenneth Ray                            27 Jun 1945               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Butler, Kenneth Ray Jr.                       12 May 1974             3rd great-grandson

Buxton, Merle                                                                             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Cadell, June                                                                                 Wife of the great-grandson

Cagle, Donna Marie                             30 Jul 1937                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Callen, Sharon Kay                              Abt. 1964                    Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Calucag, Jessica Lynn                          25 Jun 1974               3rd great-granddaughter

Calucag, Stephen Mario                      26 May 1949             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Campbell, Linda Ann                                                                Wife of the great-grandson

Campbell, Pamela M.                                                                Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Campbell, Robert W.                            Abt. 1960                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Caples, Gregory Allen                           26 Jan 1961               3rd great-grandson

Caples, Lisdsay Michelle                     04 Sep 1982               4th great-granddaughter

Caples, William                                                                           Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Caples, William Bradley                      04 Jun 1959               3rd great-grandson

Capps, Carolyn Sue                              13 Apr 1946               2nd great-granddaughter

Capps, Christopher Eric                                                             Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Capps, Delores Jean                             13 May 1949             2nd great-granddaughter

Capps, Jason Len                                  13 May 1974             3rd great-granddaughter

Capps, Jerry Wayne                             01 Sep 1947               2nd great-grandson

Capps, Kaitlyn Madison                     19 Nov 2002              5th great-granddaughter

Capps, Len Darrell                                23 Apr 1953               2nd great-grandson

Capps, Lon Dale                                   06 Feb 1911               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Capps, Patricia Gail                              17 Nov 1960              2nd great-granddaughter

Capps, Patsy June                                 25 Jun 1958               2nd great-granddaughter

Cardwell, David Claude                                                            Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Carlisle, Abigail Anne                           16 Oct 2006               4th great-granddaughter

Carlisle, David Whitman                     25 Jul 1982                 3rd great-grandson

Carlisle, Elizabeth Lynn                       11 Sep 2009               4th great-granddaughter

Carlisle, Gideon Andrew                      11 Sep 2009               4th great-grandson

Carlisle, Jeremy Michael                      21 Feb 1985               3rd great-grandson

Carlisle, Jerry Richard                          17 Feb 1951               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Carlisle, Stephen Andrew                     15 Apr 1979               3rd great-grandson

Carlson, Linda Laurance                     12 Jul 1947                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Carr, Melba Joyce                                 05 Oct 1963               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Carroll, Brad Duane                             08 Mar 1973              Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Carroll, Brice Adam                              19 Oct 1994               5th great-grandson

Carroll, Kayla Christine                       19 Apr 1993               5th great-granddaughter

Carroll, Reyna Nichole                         08 Sep 1998               5th great-granddaughter

Carter, Adelyne Sophia                        02 Apr 2007               4th great-granddaughter

Carter, Darel Wayne                             01 Dec 1965               3rd great-grandson

Carter, David Wesley                           24 Feb 1969               3rd great-grandson

Carter, Dyson Avery                             02 Aug 2004              4th great-grandson

Carter, Hubert Clyde                            12 Jan 1939               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Carter, Robert Nelson                           09 Jul 1977                 Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Carter, Steven Keith                             03 Mar 1971              3rd great-grandson

Cash, Aubrey Otto                                02 Feb 1909               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Cash, Eldene                                          25 Jul 1929                 2nd great-grandson

Cash, Eugene                                         25 Jul 1929                 2nd great-grandson

Castleberry, Carrol Wayne                  30 Oct 1941               3rd great-grandson

Castleberry, Douglas Ray                    23 Oct 1963               4th great-grandson

Castleberry, Kenneth Ray                   05 Sep 1938               3rd great-grandson

Castleberry, Kurtis Wayne                  13 Mar 1961              4th great-grandson

Castleberry, Ottie Henry                      17 Jun 1915               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Castleberry, Troy Dell                          24 Nov 1966              4th great-grandson

Cauthron, Verna Jean                          30 Aug 1945              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Cearley, Aery Edna                              04 Jan 1908               Great-granddaughter

Cearley, Allie M                                     17 Oct 1913               Great-granddaughter

Cearley, Andrew Jackson                    01 Feb 1881               Grandson

Cearley, Arvin                                        10 Mar 1911              Great-grandson

Cearley, Cornelius                                 25 Mar 1887              Grandson

Cearley, Darrell                                      27 Nov 1931              Great-grandson

Cearley, DeGloria                                  03 Sep 1913               Great-granddaughter

Cearley, Elisha Stewart                        09 Oct 1856               Son-in-law

Cearley, Eva Lee                                   21 Jan 1923               Great-granddaughter

Cearley, Faye Alagean                         29 Jan 1921               Great-granddaughter

Cearley, Florene                                    15 Sep 1914               Great-granddaughter

Cearley, George Washington              05 May 1903             Grandson

Cearley, Harold W.                               26 Mar 1924              Great-grandson

Cearley, Jessie Loree                            20 Aug 1909              Great-granddaughter

Cearley, Jewell                                       26 Jul 1920                 Great-granddaughter

Cearley, John L.                                    14 Apr 1894               Grandson

Cearley, Joseph A                                 15 Feb 1927               Great-grandson

Cearley, Lon A.                                     07 Oct 1896               Grandson

Cearley, Lora                                         21 Jan 1916               Great-granddaughter

Cearley, Melanie                                                                         2nd great-granddaughter

Cearley, Mildred                                    12 Mar 1909              Great-granddaughter

Cearley, Nealey                                     27 Oct 1888               Grandson

Cearley, Nellie Ann                               26 Sep 1878               Granddaughter

Cearley, Nettie                                       12 Aug 1891              Granddaughter

Cearley, Phillip Denton                        02 Jan 1884               Grandson

Cearley, Terri                                                                               2nd great-granddaughter

Cearley, Vernon                                    04 Aug 1910              Great-grandson

Cearley, Virginia Elizabeth                  22 Sep 1925               Great-granddaughter

Cearley, Weata Ann                             31 Oct 1912               Great-granddaughter

Cearley, William Luke                         24 May 1900             Grandson

Cearley, Willie                                        24 Jan 1911               Great-grandson

Cearnal, Matthew Robert                    01 Aug 1982              3rd great-grandson

Cearnal, Robert Clark                          16 Sep 1952               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Chambers, Annie Lee                           31 Jul 1921                 Wife of the great-grandson

Chambers, Hazel                                  22 Jan 1916               Wife of the great-grandson

Chapman, Child                                    Abt. 1984                    3rd great-grandchild

Chapman, Tamara Michelle              26 Aug 1980              3rd great-granddaughter

Chapman, Walter                                                                       Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Chesser, Ron                                                                                Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Childs, Barbar Ann                               27 Jun 1945               Wife of the great-grandson

Chitwood, Henry Lafayette                18 Jan 1902               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Clancy, Wanda Carolyn                      19 Nov 1935              Wife of the great-grandson

Clar, Cory Todd                                    25 Oct 1967               2nd great-grandson

Clar, Frederick Sheldon                        20 Mar 1928              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Clark, Anna Liza                                   27 Jan 1959               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Clark, Jasmin                                                                               2nd great-granddaughter

Clark, JoAnn                                                                                2nd great-granddaughter

Clark, Judy                                                                                   2nd great-granddaughter

Clark, Lee                                                                                     Husband of the great-granddaughter

Clark, Leon                                                                                  2nd great-grandson

Clark, Mandi                                                                               3rd great-granddaughter

Clark, Michael R.                                                                        Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Clark, Mika Autumn                            10 Sep 1975               Ex-wife of the 4th great-grandson

Clark, Nathan                                                                              3rd great-grandson

Clark, N'Riyan Lashae                         24 Sep 2007               5th great-granddaughter

Clark, Roberto Kent III                       12 Apr 2006               5th great-grandson

Clark, Roberto Kent Jr.                        29 Jun 1985               Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Clement, Stormi                                                                          Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Clenney, Alex Wayne                          31 Oct 1981               3rd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Baby                                       Abt. 1898                    Grandchild

Clenney, Bryan Lee                              20 Feb 1973               2nd great-grandson

Clenney, Buford Clayton                    08 Dec 1947               2nd great-grandson

Clenney, Carrie Sue                              24 Sep 1958               2nd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Cheri Lisa                              21 Dec 1966               2nd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Clayton Anderson                13 Dec 1924               Great-grandson

Clenney, Clifton Odell                          09 Nov 1921              Great-grandson

Clenney, Daniel Clayton                     03 Nov 1980              3rd great-grandson

Clenney, Danny Keith                         11 May 1958             2nd great-grandson

Clenney, Daughter                                                                      4th great-granddaughter

Clenney, Dayton Glen                          25 Jun 1928               Great-grandson

Clenney, Deana Mae                           06 Aug 1969              2nd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Deborah Ann                        21 Jul 1969                 2nd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Diane Alison                          22 Oct 1976               3rd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Donald Wayne                     11 Jun 1953               2nd great-grandson

Clenney, Donna Chulnessa Elizabeth                                    24 Jan 1902  Granddaughter

Clenney, Donna Jean                           02 Dec 1977               3rd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Donna Lynn                          09 Feb 1960               2nd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Douglas Mack Jr.                 31 Dec 1964               2nd great-grandson

Clenney, Douglas Mack Sr.                 15 Dec 1945               Great-grandson

Clenney, Eddie Wayne                        03 Sep 1962               2nd great-grandson

Clenney, Emma Grace                                                              4th great-granddaughter

Clenney, George Franklin                    03 Aug 1900              Grandson

Clenney, George William                     02 May 1943             Great-grandson

Clenney, Glenn                                      Jun 1953                     Great-grandson

Clenney, Holly Marie                           19 Dec 1982               3rd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Jacob Clayton                                                            4th great-grandson

Clenney, Jason                                                                            3rd great-grandson

Clenney, Jayden                                                                         4th great-grandson

Clenney, Jerry Clayton                        03 Oct 1983               3rd great-grandson

Clenney, Jerry Dean                             31 Jul 1960                 2nd great-grandson

Clenney, Jimmy Dale                           20 Feb 1951               2nd great-grandson

Clenney, John Adams                          14 Jul 1982                 3rd great-grandson

Clenney, Johnie Wright                        21 Apr 1907               Grandson

Clenney, Johnny                                                                         2nd great-grandson

Clenney, Joseph Wayne                                                            3rd great-grandson

Clenney, Kristy                                      01 Oct 1984               3rd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Linda Sue                              10 Jan 1950               2nd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Lona Ora                               09 Mar 1904              Granddaughter

Clenney, Machial Lee                          21 Oct 1942               Great-grandson

Clenney, Melissa                                                                         2nd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Mildred Thelma                    10 Jan 1941               2nd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Nicky Steve                           04 Aug 1961              2nd great-grandson

Clenney, Onilee Dewayne Jr.              17 Mar 1963              2nd great-grandson

Clenney, Onilee Dewayne Sr.              14 Dec 1935               Great-grandson

Clenney, Phillip                                                                           2nd great-grandson

Clenney, Phurnama Ruth                    10 Dec 1909               Granddaughter

Clenney, Rachel Ann                           15 Nov 1978              3rd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Rachelle                                 15 Jan 1968               2nd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Salena                                    16 Apr 1987               3rd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Sharon Renae                       04 Sep 1977               3rd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Tonya Lynn                          19 Mar 1973              3rd great-granddaughter

Clenney, Vesta Jane                             30 Mar 1947              Great-granddaughter

Clenney, Vickie L.                                 15 Jul 1951                 Great-granddaughter

Clenney, William Clinton                    08 Oct 1939               Great-grandson

Clenney, William Richard                   01 Feb 1876               Son-in-law

Clenney, Willie Davis                           21 Aug 1912              Grandson

Clenney, Willie Lee                               24 Aug 1940              Great-grandson

Clenney, Yewel Dean                           25 May 1934             Great-granddaughter

Cline, Annis Dale                                   17 Dec 1929               Great-granddaughter

Cline, Arthur                                           02 Feb 1907               Husband of the granddaughter

Cline, Baby Boy                                    30 Aug 1933              Great-grandson

Cline, Nancy Kay                                 Abt. 1951                    Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Cline, Retha Gale                                  14 Jun 1930               Great-granddaughter

Cobb, Aronella Rosalie                        20 Jan 1978               3rd great-granddaughter

Cobb, Darrell Jonas                              17 Sep 1979               3rd great-grandson

Cobb, Ernest Raymond                                                             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Cobb, Girl                                                                                     4th great-granddaughter

Cobb, Lois Raymona                           10 Aug 1973              3rd great-granddaughter

Cobb, Lorena Cleatious                       19 Sep 1976               3rd great-granddaughter

Cochran, ?                                                                                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Cochran, Danny James                       22 Apr 1971               3rd great-granddaughter

Cochran, Darel Franklin                      09 May 1961             2nd great-grandson

Cochran, Deborah Louise                   02 Aug 1962              2nd great-granddaughter

Cochran, Donald Ray                          27 Jul 1953                 2nd great-grandson

Cochran, Donald Ray Jr.                     25 Sep 1983               3rd great-grandson

Cochran, Kendra Michele                   Feb 1977                     3rd great-granddaughter

Cochran, Michele Lyn                         22 Jan 1972               3rd great-granddaughter

Cochran, Nancy Ann                           12 Jun 1948               2nd great-granddaughter

Cochran, O. D.                                       17 Nov 1918              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Cochran, Othal Danny                         03 Jan 1950               2nd great-grandson

Cochran, Vita Elaine                            25 Mar 1974              3rd great-granddaughter

Cockrum, Lillian Mamie Bass            21 Oct 1897               Wife of the grandson

Colbert, Nelda Marie                                                                  Wife of the grandson

Cole, Andrew                                         Abt. 1924                    Great-grandson

Cole, Earlene                                          Aft. 1927                    Great-granddaughter

Cole, Fairy Evelyn                                28 Jul 1922                 Great-granddaughter

Cole, Henry Earl                                    1895                            Husband of the granddaughter

Cole, Homer Rowland                         16 Mar 1919              Great-grandson

Cole, James Alvin                                                                       Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Cole, Jannie Christine                           18 Aug 1989              3rd great-granddaughter

Cole, Jason Lee                                     05 Oct 1987               3rd great-grandson

Cole, Maxine                                         Abt. 1926                    Great-granddaughter

Cole, Minnie Fulton                              03 Feb 1890               Wife of the grandson

Cole, Ronald                                                                                Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Cole, Wesley Brian                               29 Jun 1955               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Cole, William Wesley                           04 Apr 2003               3rd great-grandson

Coleman, Aaron                                                                         Partner of the 4th great-granddaughter

Coleman, Lokilani Seioko                   28 Jan 2009               5th great-granddaughter

Coleman, Michael Frederick               22 May 1949             Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Coleman, Rhonda Michelle                02 Jun 1969               4th great-granddaughter

Coleman, Shannon Kay                      28 Feb 1971               4th great-granddaughter

Collins, Austin                                                                             4th great-grandson

Collins, Claire Whitney                        08 Mar 2001              4th great-granddaughter

Collins, Dakota                                                                           4th great-grandson

Collins, Donovan                                  24 May 2004             4th great-grandson

Collins, Jackson                                                                          4th great-grandson

Collins, Jason                                                                               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Collins, Molly Elizabeth                       08 May 2001             4th great-granddaughter

Condiff, Freda                                                                             Wife of the great-grandson

Conley, Dennis                                                                            Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Conley, Vance Larry                                                                  3rd great-grandson

Connell, Mark Anthony                       04 Feb 1982               3rd great-grandson

Connell, Ronald Cleveland                 27 Mar 1950              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Connelly, Carol Denise                        06 Dec 1959               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Connor, Melvin                                                                           2nd great-grandson

Connor, Robert L.                                                                       Husband of the great-granddaughter

Cooper, Christie                                                                          Wife of the great-grandson

Cooper, Earl A.                                      27 Mar 1925              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Cope, Marie E.                                       1948                            Wife of the great-grandson

Copeland, Muriel Jane                         13 Sep 1922               Wife of the great-grandson

Corfcia, Michail Kelvin                       10 Dec 1962               3rd great-grandson

Corley, Julia Naomi                              14 Feb 1925               Wife of the great-grandson

Corrcia, Vernon LeRoy                        24 Sep 1939               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Cossey, Pricilla Jane                                                                   Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Cotton, April Nicole                              03 Nov 1988              Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Coulter, Chuck                                      02 May 1968             Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Coulter, Kate Eva                                 21 Jan 2003               4th great-granddaughter

Coulter, Kyle Davis                              29 May 1999             4th great-grandson

Coulter, Logan Matthew                     11 Dec 1997               4th great-grandson

Cowan, Shirell                                                                             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Cowart, Gwendolynn                                                                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Cox, Andrew Brian                               2002                            4th great-grandson

Cox, Harlan                                                                                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Cox, Robert                                            1979                            Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Cox, Vanda Ruth                                  03 Mar 1953              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Cozart, Estelle                                        04 Mar 1913              Wife of the great-grandson

Craft, Mary Kathern                            10 Jan 1929               Wife of the great-grandson

Crawford, Jeffery                                                                       Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Crawl, Jacob                                          Jul 1990                      3rd great-grandson

Crawl, Mark                                           08 Jul 1960                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Crawl, Mathew Edward                       Abt. 1983                    3rd great-grandson

Cressler, Amber                                     10 Aug 1989              3rd great-granddaughter

Cressler, Chrystal Hope                       06 Apr 1988               3rd great-granddaughter

Cressler, Matt                                                                              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Cronin, Arnie                                          09 Mar 1957              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Cronin, Timothy Ron                           08 May 1982             4th great-grandson

Crook, Bruce Lyle                                 28 Oct 1952               3rd great-grandson

Crook, Curtis Lee                                  26 Dec 1987               4th great-grandson

Crook, Douglas Lee                              17 Aug 1973              4th great-grandson

Crook, Gwendaline Susan                   19 Jan 1985               4th great-granddaughter

Crook, Iris Geneva                                11 Apr 1923               2nd great-granddaughter

Crook, James Elijah                             04 Dec 1904               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Crook, James Russell                           26 Jul 1956                 3rd great-grandson

Crook, Kenneth Charles                      21 May 1979             4th great-grandson

Crook, Larry Dean                                14 Nov 1953              3rd great-grandson

Crook, Laura Ann                                 02 Feb 1981               4th great-granddaughter

Crook, Michael Vernon                       27 May 1983             4th great-grandson

Crook, Paul Allen                                  18 Jul 1958                 3rd great-grandson

Crook, Steven Lee                                13 Aug 1974              4th great-grandson

Crook, Vera Roberta                            02 Apr 1929               2nd great-granddaughter

Crook, Vernon Ford                              12 Jan 1924               2nd great-grandson

Crook, Waymond                                                                       2nd great-grandson

Crowson, Mary Frances                       29 Jan 1941               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Cure, Beverly                                                                               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Cureton, Tara                                                                              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Curtis, Frank                                          17 Jun                          Husband of the great-granddaughter

Curtis, Grace Lee                                   01 Feb 1937               Wife of the great-grandson

Cuthrell, Charles Ronald                     21 Apr 1958               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Dahl, Robert Andrew                            30 Apr 1935               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Dahl, Robert Andrew Jr.                       30 Aug 1963              3rd great-grandson

Daniel, James Howard                         18 Jun 1945               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Daniels, Gerald                                                                            Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Daniels, Gerald Franklin                                                            3rd great-grandson

Daniels, Lessie Augusta Christine                                            3rd great-granddaughter

Daniels, Wayne Earl                                                                   3rd great-grandson

Danner, Lois Dian                                 10 Sep 1945               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Darnell, Eric Neal                                  27 Nov 1974              3rd great-grandson

Darnell, Harold Less                             14 May 1902             Husband of the great-granddaughter

Darnell, Jimmy Harold                         24 Aug 1954              2nd great-grandson

Darnell, Lisa Diana                               18 Feb 1972               3rd great-granddaughter

Davidson, Jewell Eloise                        10 Mar 1916              Wife of the great-grandson

Davis, Anita Jo                                      17 Feb 1963               2nd great-granddaughter

Davis, Bob                                                                                   Husband of the great-granddaughter

Davis, Brad                                                                                  4th great-grandson

Davis, Brandi Lynn                              18 Jun 1978               2nd great-granddaughter

Davis, Chad                                                                                 4th great-grandson

Davis, Edmund                                                                           Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Davis, Emily                                           25 Aug 1855              Daughter-in-law

Davis, Frank Herman                                                                Husband of the great-granddaughter

Davis, Frank Herman Jr.                      01 Oct 1981               2nd great-grandson

Davis, Gabriel Steven                           12 Jan 1984               4th great-grandson

Davis, Johnny                                                                              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Davis, Kelly Jean                                  28 Aug 1965              2nd great-granddaughter

Davis, Kenneth Edward                       03 Oct 1939               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Davis, Kerry                                                                                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Davis, Nikki                                            03 Jun 1975               3rd great-granddaughter

Davis, Rhonda Lynne                          18 Nov 1953              2nd great-granddaughter

Davis, Robert                                         01 Jan 1955               2nd great-grandson

Davis, Timothy G                                  18 Jan 1959               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Davis, Wes Steve                                                                        Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Dearden, ?                                                                                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Decker, Lana Marie                                                                   Wife of the great-grandson

DeLong, Steve                                                                             Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

DeLong, Steven James                         Sep 1979                     4th great-grandson

Dendy, Ophie                                                                               Wife of the great-grandson

Denen, Vickie Breann                          09 Aug 1988              Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Dennis, Jacob                                         12 May 2008             5th great-grandson

Dennis, Jeff                                            15 Mar 1983              Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Deros, ?                                                                                         Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

DiBlasi, Lisa                                           11 Apr 1969               Wife of the great-grandson

Dice, Karen                                            08 Apr 1957               2nd great-granddaughter

Dice, William                                                                               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Dice, William                                                                               3rd great-grandson

Dice, William Johnny                           31 Jul 1960                 2nd great-grandson

Dickey, Richard Herbert II                                                       Ex-husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Dickinson, Fred F                                  16 Feb 1914               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Dickinson, Jim                                                                             2nd great-grandson

Dillard, Mary Kathlyn                          08 Nov 1950              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Doherty, David Allen                            30 Jul 1954                 Ex-husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Doherty, Keith Kaid                                                                   3rd great-grandson

Dombrowski, Christopher David        20 Dec 1981               3rd great-grandson

Dombrowski, George Raymond         29 Nov 1955              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Dombrowski, Shawn Michael             05 Dec 1979               3rd great-grandson

Dornbirer, Jennifer Ann                                                             Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Dorsey, Billy Ray                                  16 Aug 1955              3rd great-grandson

Dorsey, Christina                                   24 Dec 1982               4th great-granddaughter

Dorsey, Kimi Jo                                     16 Jan 1960               3rd great-granddaughter

Dorsey, Laura Rose                              03 Dec 1981               4th great-granddaughter

Dorsey, William Raymond                  01 Mar 1925              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Douglas, ?                                                                                     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Douglas, Justine Kalanie                                                           4th great-granddaughter

Dover, Cooper Dean Curtis                 10 Feb 2009               4th great-grandson

Dover, Faith Elizabeth                         09 Jul 2004                 4th great-granddaughter

Dover, Seth Allen David                      29 Apr 1980               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Drew, Shirley Meron                             28 Nov                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Duffy, Barbara Joan                            29 May 1952             2nd great-granddaughter

Duffy, Eddy Vondale                           05 Nov 1954              2nd great-grandson

Duffy, James Edward                          10 Aug 1930              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Duffy, Lonnie Allen                              26 Jun 1960               2nd great-grandson

Duggan, Rhonda Lynn                        12 Jul 1965                 Ex-wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Duncan, Jennifer Lynn                        14 Oct 1975               3rd great-granddaughter

Duncan, Jimmy Ray                            14 Jun 1947               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Duncan, Travis Wade                          29 Jan 1972               3rd great-grandson

Dunegan, Cassie Louise                       07 Aug 1979              4th great-granddaughter

Dunegan, Heather Denise                    04 Dec 1975               4th great-granddaughter

Dunegan, Mitchell DeLong                 21 Jun 1954               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Dunham, Kara                                                                            Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Dunlap, Kenny                                                                            Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Dunn, Pamela Suzette                          06 Oct 1959               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Durant, Wesley                                                                            Husband of the great-granddaughter

Dutton, Charlotte Janel                        06 Apr 1948               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Dye, Gary Dewayne                             Jul 1971                      Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Dye, Gary Dewayne Jr.                        30 Mar 1994              4th great-grandson

Dye, Linda Marie                                  17 Mar 1997              4th great-granddaughter

Dye, Tony Glen                                     28 Feb 1995               4th great-grandson

Dyson, Charles Ray Jr.                         30 Mar 1950              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Dyson, Charlyn Dawnae                     09 Oct 1972               3rd great-granddaughter

Dyson, Sandy Anita                             02 Apr 1977               3rd great-granddaughter

Eberhard, Derron Scott                                                              Partner of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Eberhard, Robert Joshua Scott           29 May 1993             4th great-grandson

Eberhardt, Danny Dion                        07 Feb 1969               3rd great-grandson

Eberhardt, Derron Scott                       29 Jun 1970               3rd great-grandson

Edelen, ?                                                                                       Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Edelen, Alicia Michele                                                               3rd great-granddaughter

Edelen, Dustin Heath                           25 Jul 1975                 3rd great-grandson

Edelen, Eddie                                         10 Apr 1937               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Edelen, Michael Chance                      22 Sep 1969               3rd great-grandson

Edelen, Trevor Holden Blaze              22 Jun 1990               4th great-grandson

Edgar, Bradford Wayne                      06 Apr 1974               3rd great-grandson

Edgar, Jeanie Arlene                             05 Jan 1953               2nd great-granddaughter

Edgar, Johnnie Virgil                             01 Apr 1906               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Edgar, Johnny Wayne                          22 Jun 1947               2nd great-grandson

Edgar, Mary Judith                               19 Nov 1944              2nd great-granddaughter

Edgar, Sara Jane                                   19 Jul 1940                 2nd great-granddaughter

Edwards, Brandon Timothy               05 Aug 1970              2nd great-grandson

Edwards, Randall Lyman                   25 Jun 1944               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Elder, Connie                                                                               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Elder, Ellen                                             30 Oct 1923               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Ellis, Arvel                                                                                    Husband of the great-granddaughter

Ellis, Darrell Gene                                  29 Apr 1960               3rd great-grandson

Ellis, Gene                                                                                     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Ellis, Girl                                                                                        2nd great-granddaughter

Ellis, Girl                                                                                        2nd great-granddaughter

Ellis, Sandra J                                         Abt. 1962                    Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Ellis, Tonya Lyn                                    Abt. 1967                    Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Elston, Robert Donald                          12 Feb 1934               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Emerhaunth, Marsha Lynn                                                      Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Emery, Beula Viola                              03 Sep 1916               Wife of the great-grandson

Enriquez, Anita Carol                           22 Oct 1948               3rd great-granddaughter

Enriquez, Emanuel                                                                     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Enriquez, Emanuel George                  24 Apr 1950               3rd great-grandson

Enriquez, Horacio Richard                  01 Aug 1966              4th great-grandson

Enriquez, Manuel Jr.                                                                  4th great-grandson

Enriquez, Mark George                                                              4th great-grandson

Enriquez, Mathew Geroge                                                         4th great-grandson

Ernesto, ?                                                                                      Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Ervin, Alyssa Cheyanne                      04 May 2001             4th great-granddaughter

Ervin, Kaleigh LeAnn                           30 Jun 2002               4th great-granddaughter

Ervin, Kendall Wayne                                                               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Esleek, Danny                                                                             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Estep, Viki Lucinda                              20 Jun 1953               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Evans, Larry                                                                                Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Ezell, Joseph Brandon                          30 Apr 1982               4th great-grandson

Ezell, Leslie                                                                                  Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Farnsworth, Benjamin Isaac              22 Dec 1987               3rd great-grandson

Farnsworth, Caleb Robert                   06 Jun 1989               3rd great-grandson

Farnsworth, James R.                                                                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Farnsworth, Nathaniel Levi                 31 Oct 1983               3rd great-grandson

Farr, Julie                                                03 Jul 1976                 4th great-granddaughter

Farr, Melissa                                           04 Oct 1980               4th great-granddaughter

Farr, Randy                                                                                  Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Faulkner, Brenda Sue                           09 Mar 1957              2nd great-granddaughter

Faulkner, Brook                                    05 May 1999             3rd great-granddaughter

Faulkner, Carolyn S.                             01 May 1942             Wife of the great-grandson

Faulkner, Dewayne Rees                     26 Oct 1963               2nd great-grandson

Faulkner, Dewayne Reese Jr.              08 Dec 1989               3rd great-grandson

Faulkner, Donald Eugene                    19 May 1983             3rd great-grandson

Faulkner, Donald Rees                         25 Nov 1933              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Faulkner, Jon Arthur                                                                  Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Faulkner, Ronald Dale                         23 May 1955             2nd great-grandson

Faulkner, Serena Christina                  03 Apr 1984               3rd great-granddaughter

Feil, James R.                                         24 Dec 1923               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Fergason, Crystal                                                                        Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Ferguson, Jeremy                                  27 Dec 1978               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Ferguson, Lauren Elizabeth                05 Nov 2005              4th great-granddaughter

Ferguson, Nelson Duane                      21 May 2001             4th great-grandson

Fetter, Ruth Ann                                                                         Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Fields, Clarence Lee Jr.                         12 Nov 1933              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Fields, Mark Daniel                               22 Dec 1965               2nd great-grandson

Fine, Wanda Sue                                   13 Feb 1963               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Flatt, Daniel Allen                                                                       4th great-grandson

Flatt, David Lee                                     18 Sep 1980               4th great-grandson

Flatt, David Randell                             22 Feb 1957               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Flatt, Jennifer Ann                                01 Jun 1983               4th great-granddaughter

Folsom, Patsy                                                                              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Ford, Crystal Gail                                  15 Jun 1974               3rd great-granddaughter

Ford, Elouise                                          17 Feb 1946               2nd great-granddaughter

Ford, George Alpha                               05 Jan 1945               2nd great-grandson

Ford, Herman Kenneth                        09 Jan 1922               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Ford, Imogene                                                                             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Ford, Judy Ann                                      27 Apr 1947               2nd great-granddaughter

Ford, Kenneth Wayne                          25 Apr 1952               2nd great-grandson

Ford, Kimberly Jean                             16 Nov 1967              3rd great-granddaughter

Ford, Melvin G.                                      23 May                       Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Ford, Richard Dean                              22 May 1968             3rd great-grandson

Ford, Tracy Dawn                                 19 Sep 1980               3rd great-granddaughter

Ford, Waylon Ray                                27 Feb 1971               3rd great-grandson

Forrester, Raymond                                                                   Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Foster, Dean                                                                                 Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Fout, Brenton Ashleigh                        16 Feb 1982               4th great-grandson

Fout, Marissa Rene'e                            05 Aug 1979              4th great-granddaughter

Fout, Mark Alan                                    01 Jul 1954                 Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Franks, James Thomas Sr.                  14 Mar 1942              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Fredrick, Dayna Lyle                                                                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Fredrick, Joyce Ann                              20 Dec 1947               Wife of the great-grandson

Free, Candace Ryan                             04 Mar 1981              3rd great-granddaughter

Free, David Forrest                                                                     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Free, David Forrest Jr.                           29 Oct 1983               3rd great-grandson

French, Allan Andrew                                                                4th great-grandson

French, Allan G.                                                                          Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

French, Megan                                                                            4th great-granddaughter

Freyer, Stephanie Marie                       26 May 1982             Wife of the 4th great-grandson

Freyer, Trinton Joseph                          27 Dec 2002               5th great-grandson

Frost, Kester D.                                      17 Aug 1903              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Frost, Marilyn Louise                           10 Mar 1937              2nd great-granddaughter

Fryar, Mary                                            10 Apr 1958               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Fullbright, Jimmie Nell                          19 Dec 1939               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Gaines, Virginia Sue                              19 Feb 1956               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Gamble, Brooke LeeAnn                     19 Aug 1985              3rd great-granddaughter

Gamble, Caleb Dean                                                                  3rd great-grandson

Gamble, Carolyn Elaine                      03 Sep 1962               2nd great-granddaughter

Gamble, Joshua Wade                         19 Apr 1997               3rd great-grandson

Gamble, Lawrence Wade                    22 Feb 1994               3rd great-grandson

Gamble, Phillip Wade                           26 Jan 1958               2nd great-grandson

Gamble, Robert Andrew                      16 Jan 1993               3rd great-grandson

Gamble, Robert F.                                 06 Sep 1934               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Gamble, Robert Karl                            20 May 1986             3rd great-grandson

Gamble, Warren Robert                       13 Apr 1961               2nd great-grandson

Garcia, Denise                                                                             2nd great-granddaughter

Garcia, Holly Ann                                                                       3rd great-granddaughter

Garcia, Jess                                                                                  Husband of the great-granddaughter

Garcia, Leonard                                                                          Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Garcia, Mary Alice                                02 Jun                          Wife of the 4th great-grandson

Garcia, Rudy                                                                               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Garcia, Son                                                                                  2nd great-grandson

Garcia, Weston Maurice                                                            3rd great-grandson

Gardner, Blythe                                                                           4th great-granddaughter

Gardner, Jessica                                                                          4th great-granddaughter

Gardner, Ronald                                                                         Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Gardner, Sara Geneva                                                               4th great-granddaughter

Garibay, Child                                       Aug 1984                    3rd great-grandchild

Garibay, Coleman Parker                    15 Mar 2005              4th great-grandson

Garibay, James                                                                           Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Garibay, Jimmy                                                                          Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Garibay, Mark A                                   20 Aug 1984              3rd great-grandson

Garrett, Deacon Lee                             21 Oct 2008               4th great-grandson

Garrett, Jeremy                                                                            Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Garrison, Fred William                         10 May 1927             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Garske, Frank                                                                              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Garza, Belinda                                       20 Jul 1964                 3rd great-granddaughter

Garza, Johnny                                       22 Apr 1927               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Garza, Maria Elena                              24 Dec 1960               3rd great-granddaughter

Garza, Michael Ray                             17 Apr 1980               4th great-grandson

Garza, Timothy Lewis Hunt               04 Oct 1988               4th great-grandson

Gass, Faye Marie                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Gaston, Billy Jack                                 16 Jun 1936               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Gaston, Bradey Charles                                                            3rd great-grandson

Gaston, Charles Edward                      03 Oct 1966               2nd great-grandson

Gaston, Charles Wyatt Jace                                                     3rd great-grandson

Gaston, Coty                                          Abt. 1987                    3rd great-grandson

Gaston, Steven Lee                               02 Jul 1962                 2nd great-grandson

Gaston, Timmy Nealy                          1992                            3rd great-grandson

Gaston, Timothy                                   22 Feb 1961               2nd great-grandson

Gaston, Whitley                                     Abt. 1990                    3rd great-granddaughter

Gayle, Shari                                            15 Jul 1968                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Geller, Roxanne                                     29 Aug 1961              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Gerlich, Charles                                                                           2nd great-grandson

Gerlich, Teresa Ann                                                                    2nd great-granddaughter

Gerlich, William Charles                                                            Husband of the great-granddaughter

Gibbs, Jerry Leon                                                                        Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Gibbs, Summer Rachelle                     26 Aug 1992              3rd great-granddaughter

Gibson, Alesha Gail                              12 Feb 1977               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Gibson, Dorothy                                    17 Mar 1951              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Gibson, James R.                                                                        Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Gibson, Michelle                                                                         Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Gibson, Ryan Mark                              18 Apr 1974               3rd great-grandson

Gilbert, Gyla                                                                                 Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Gillham, Charlotte Lois                        24 Aug 1934              2nd great-granddaughter

Gillham, Connie Lynn                          03 Nov 1961              3rd great-granddaughter

Gillham, James William                       15 Nov 1880              Husband of the granddaughter

Gillham, Jerrad Michael                       09 Mar 1981              4th great-grandson

Gillham, Joseph Anthony                    07 Oct 1981               4th great-grandson

Gillham, Katheryn Arlene                   18 May 1958             3rd great-granddaughter

Gillham, Leah Dawn Marie                 03 Nov 1983              4th great-granddaughter

Gillham, Mansell Claud                       13 Jul 1915                 Great-grandson

Gillham, Mansell Claud Jr.                  10 Sep 1937               2nd great-grandson

Gillham, Mary Elizabeth                     31 Dec 1873               Daughter-in-law

Gillham, Ronald Dale                           23 May 1957             3rd great-grandson

Gilmore, Addie Paige                            09 Feb 1977               4th great-granddaughter

Gilmore, Autumn Ashley                     24 Jun 1997               5th great-granddaughter

Gilmore, Billy Ray                                07 Jun 1932               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Gilmore, Briana Lynn                          25 Jun 1993               5th great-granddaughter

Gilmore, Charlotte Ann                        12 Sep 1957               3rd great-granddaughter

Gilmore, Jacob Aaron                          24 Jul 1975                 4th great-grandson

Gilmore, Mansell Christian                  31 Aug 1972              4th great-grandson

Gilmore, Mansell Eugene Dobbs        22 Mar 1952              3rd great-grandson

Gilmore, Peggy Sue                               15 Jan 1959               3rd great-granddaughter

Gleeson, Mark                                                                             2nd great-grandson

Gleeson, Nancy                                                                           2nd great-granddaughter

Gleeson, Pat                                                                                 Husband of the great-granddaughter

Gleeson, Shug                                        25 Aug 1930              Great-granddaughter

Godwin, Janice Lee                               17 Jan 1957               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Goessman, Cheryl Lynn                      27 Jan 1956               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Goff, Melvetta Dawn                           Abt. 1955                    Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Golden, ?                                                                                      Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Golden, Paula                                                                              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Goldon, Child                                                                              3rd great-grandchild

Goldon, Child                                                                              3rd great-grandchild

Goldon, Child                                                                              3rd great-grandchild

Goldon, Child                                                                              3rd great-grandson

Golpher, Carolyn Jophine                    19 Mar 1945              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Goodner, Albert S. JR.                          23 Sep 1930               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Goodney, Doreen Ann                         06 Aug 1942              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Gore, David Lance                                May 1972                   Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Gore, David Lance Jr.                           28 Apr 1998               4th great-grandson

Gore, Keyra Michella                           11 Jan 1996               4th great-granddaughter

Gothard, Jerry                                                                              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Gowen, Harold William                       05 Aug 1949              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Graves, Brannon                                   Abt. 1973                    3rd great-grandson

Graves, Bret                                           Abt. 1968                    3rd great-grandson

Graves, Bryan                                                                             3rd great-grandson

Graves, Gordon                                                                           Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Graves, Zebera Kay                             28 Mar 1983              Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Gray, Audene                                                                              2nd great-granddaughter

Gray, Barbara Ann                               03 Jun 1938               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Gray, C. W.                                             17 Aug 1898              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Gray, Cory                                                                                    4th great-grandson

Gray, David                                            01 Oct 1988               4th great-grandson

Gray, James Matthew                                                                3rd great-grandson

Gray, John Mark                                                                         3rd great-grandson

Gray, Kelly Sizemore                           13 Sep 1985               4th great-granddaughter

Gray, Shannon Dennis                         28 Jun 1983               4th great-granddaughter

Gray, Thomas Noel                              11 May 1929             2nd great-grandson

Gray, Vita                                               06 Jan 1954               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Gray, William Thomas                                                              3rd great-grandson

Gregory, Steven Burt                                                                  Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Gregory, Steven Michael Jacob          21 Aug 1990              4th great-grandson

Gregory, Ted                                                                                Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Grimm, ?                                                                                       Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Guest, ?                                                                                         2nd great-grandson

Guest, ?                                                                                         Husband of the great-granddaughter

Guffin, Jessica                                                                             3rd great-granddaughter

Guidry, Holly                                         13 Aug 1986              3rd great-granddaughter

Guidry, Jan J.                                                                               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Guidry, Victoria                                     03 Feb 1988               3rd great-granddaughter

Gunter, Ella Lee                                     Abt. 1938                    Wife of the great-grandson

Gwinn, Judith Marie                             18 Jul 1942                 Wife of the great-grandson

Hacker, Amy Michelle                         23 Aug 1982              4th great-granddaughter

Hacker, Diana Kay                              10 Mar 1950              3rd great-granddaughter

Hacker, Erika Dawn                             24 Apr 1973               4th great-granddaughter

Hacker, Jason Paul                               14 Oct 1971               4th great-grandson

Hacker, Jonathan Aaron                     05 Jan 1960               3rd great-grandson

Hacker, Jonathan Lee                          30 Sep 1979               4th great-grandson

Hacker, Kristy Ann                               16 Oct 1983               4th great-granddaughter

Hacker, Lesa Gay                                 17 Jul 1967                 3rd great-granddaughter

Hacker, Paul Aaron Jr.                         29 Jul 1929                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Hacker, Raymond Paul                       04 Aug 1948              3rd great-grandson

Hacker, Trishandra Beth                     27 Oct 1980               4th great-granddaughter

Hackler, Kathy                                                                           Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Haile, Melvin Ott                                                                        Husband of the great-granddaughter

Hale, Jonathan                                                                            3rd great-grandson

Hale, Nancy                                                                                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Hale, Sam                                                                                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Hale, Shannon Lea                                                                    3rd great-granddaughter

Hale, Will                                                                                      4th great-grandson

Hall, Albert                                             09 Apr 1929               Great-grandson

Hall, Aline                                               04 Dec 1922               Great-granddaughter

Hall, Audean                                          21 Oct 1931               Great-grandchild

Hall, Claude F.                                       20 May 1896             Husband of the granddaughter

Hall, Clyde C                                         25 Sep 1921               Great-grandson

Hall, Jeffery Gene                                                                       2nd great-grandson

Hall, Johnnie Gene                                                                     Husband of the great-granddaughter

Hall, Leon                                               26 Dec 1925               Great-grandson

Hall, Melinda Jane                                                                     2nd great-granddaughter

Hallman, Patrick                                                                         Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Hamel, ?                                                                                       Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Hamel, David Luwain                          01 Feb 1957               3rd great-grandson

Hamel, Jodi Ann                                   09 Dec 1960               3rd great-granddaughter

Hamel, Leah Ann                                 05 Dec 1982               4th great-granddaughter

Hamilton, ?                                                                                  Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Hamilton, Child                                                                          4th great-grandchild

Hamilton, Fedna Marie                       21 Feb 1937               Wife of the great-grandson

Hammons, Brenda                                                                     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Hanna, Twyla Dawn                            31 Oct 1962               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Hannah, Lou Annette                          31 Jul 1943                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Hanning, Teresa Ann                           29 Apr 1956               Wife of the great-grandson

Hanson, Perry Wayne                          29 Mar 1961              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Happy                                                     25 Feb 1930               2nd great-granddaughter

Harden, Charles Griffen III                22 Jul 1971                 Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Hardin, Emmit Eugen                          10 May 1945             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Harless, Barbara Ann                           08 Dec 1950               2nd great-granddaughter

Harless, Hubert Edward                       04 Feb 1928               Ex-husband of the great-granddaughter

Harless, Judy Ann                                 02 Jul 1949                 2nd great-granddaughter

Harless, Pamela Ann                            09 Nov 1951              2nd great-granddaughter

Harold, Betty Sue                                                                       Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Harper, Argie Beatrice                          23 Dec 1934               Great-granddaughter

Harper, Child                                                                               3rd great-grandchild

Harper, Child                                                                               3rd great-grandchild

Harper, Child                                                                               3rd great-grandchild

Harper, Child                                                                               3rd great-grandchild

Harper, Chris                                                                               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Harper, Douglas                                                                          Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Harper, Gregory Dean                          22 Nov 1977              3rd great-grandson

Harper, Joyce Clodean                        08 Nov 1943              Great-granddaughter

Harper, Kenneth Eugene                     27 Jul 1936                 Great-grandson

Harper, Leslie Blake                             02 Nov 1960              2nd great-grandson

Harper, Matthew                                                                        3rd great-grandson

Harper, Misty Rena                              19 Mar 1974              2nd great-granddaughter

Harper, Nellie Mae                                12 Sep 1915               Wife of the grandson

Harper, Rachelle Denice                      03 Aug 1959              2nd great-granddaughter

Harper, Rebecca                                   1993                            3rd great-granddaughter

Harper, Richard Mack                         25 Sep 1912               Husband of the granddaughter

Harper, Ruby                                         18 May 1931             Wife of the great-grandson

Harper, Timothy David                       22 Apr 1975               3rd great-grandson

Harper, Tine`sha Danyaei                   15 Dec 1972               3rd great-granddaughter

Harper, Wilma Sue                               11 Mar 1940              Great-granddaughter

Harris, Brenda Lonette                        26 Apr 1956               2nd great-granddaughter

Harris, Carol                                           04 Mar 1950              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Harris, Linda                                                                                Ex-wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Harris, Lonnie Oliver                            27 Dec 1932               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Harris, Sharon Lynnae                         15 Nov 1964              2nd great-granddaughter

Harris, Stacy                                                                                3rd great-granddaughter

Harris, Wayne Lee                                                                      Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Harrison, Betty Joyce                           29 Jan 1948               Wife of the great-grandson

Harshaw, Deborah Susan                    04 Jun 1971               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Hart, Linda                                                                                  Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Harvey, John                                         Abt. 1918                    Husband of the great-granddaughter

Harwell, Christofer John                                                            Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Haselow, Aristotle Dominic                 20 Dec 2003               5th great-grandson

Haselow, Christina Diane                    06 Jul 1985                 4th great-granddaughter

Haselow, Everette A. III                                                            4th great-grandson

Haselow, Everette A. Jr.                                                             Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Haselow, Miya Sunshine                                                           4th great-granddaughter

Haselow, Taylor Paige                         19 Feb 1997               5th great-granddaughter

Hasley, Guy Sam                                  26 Feb 1958               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Hatmaker, Nancy Gladys                   12 Mar 1902              Wife of the grandson

Haven, Raven                                       17 May 1999             3rd great-grandson

Hayes, Harry                                         Nov 1905                    Husband of the granddaughter

Hayes, Ruby Lee                                  29 Aug 1927              Great-granddaughter

Hayes, Ruby Nadine                            18 Jun 1932               Great-granddaughter

Headland, Brett Adam                        06 Oct 1980               2nd great-grandson

Headland, Stuart Joe                            09 Apr 1949               Ex-husband of the great-granddaughter

Hebert, ?                                                                                       Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Hebert, Alexandria Season                 19 Mar 1990              4th great-granddaughter

Heidleberg, Johnnie Kay                     25 Oct 1957               Wife of the great-grandson

Helcel, Brenda Sheral                           31 Oct 1948               2nd great-granddaughter

Helcel, David Randall                          13 Jul 1980                 3rd great-grandson

Helcel, Joshua Lee                                04 Jan 1983               3rd great-grandson

Helcel, Leroy                                          20 Sep 1926               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Helcel, Marvin Richard                        26 Jun 1922               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Helcel, Randall Roy                             19 Oct 1950               2nd great-grandson

Hellack, Joshua Michael                     04 Sep 1988               3rd great-grandson

Hellack, Michael Rutherford              19 Jan 1952               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Henry, Jason Gene                                04 Dec 1975               3rd great-grandson

Henry, Myrtice Dora                            01 Dec 1917               Wife of the great-grandson

Henry, Sheila Marie                              07 Oct 1972               3rd great-granddaughter

Henry, Tyler Stephen                           07 Feb 1995               4th great-grandson

Henson, Roselee                                    Abt. 1937                    Wife of the great-grandson

Hernandez, Azlyn Hannah                 24 Sep 2001               5th great-granddaughter

Hernandez, Cameryn Cahlyn            23 Jun 2005               5th great-granddaughter

Hernandez, Jeremy Christopher         07 Jul 1980                 4th great-grandson

Herring, Bill                                                                                  Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Hill, Bethany Brooke                           10 Oct 1994               4th great-granddaughter

Hill, Brent Morgan                                28 Mar 1965              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Hill, Christopher Glenn                         01 Jul 1980                 Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Hill, Dell                                                                                        Wife of the great-grandson

Hill, Dewain Ellis                                   07 Dec 1925               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Hill, Ethel                                                                                      Wife of the grandson

Hill, Ferrel Anita                                    19 Feb 1932               2nd great-granddaughter

Hill, Gladys Irene                                  25 Feb 1930               2nd great-granddaughter

Hill, Heather Nicole                              03 Jan 1991               4th great-granddaughter

Hill, Johnny Earl                                    28 Sep 1944               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Hill, Kacy Bryanne                               25 Aug 1999              5th great-granddaughter

Hill, Kelsey                                             17 Nov 1991              4th great-granddaughter

Hill, Kevin                                                                                    Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Hill, Keylee Rae                                    27 Dec 2005               5th great-granddaughter

Hill, Leonard Cecil                                30 Jan 1904               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Hill, Lisa Darlene                                   19 Jan 1965               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Hill, Richard                                                                                 3rd great-grandson

Hill, Stephanie Sheree                          10 Jan 1989               4th great-granddaughter

Hitt, Susan Annette                              06 Nov 1968              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Hobbs, Bud                                            18 Sep 1958               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Hodges, Amanda Gail                          25 Sep 1964               2nd great-granddaughter

Hodges, Earl Eldon                               05 Nov 1927              2nd great-grandson

Hodges, Elmer Edward                        30 Sep 1907               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Hodges, G. Ricky                                  11 Mar 1953              2nd great-grandson

Hodges, Gary Wayne                           18 Apr 1951               2nd great-grandson

Hodges, Jared Wayne                          02 Sep 1980               3rd great-grandson

Hodges, Jerry Lynn                               17 Apr 1955               2nd great-grandson

Hodges, Joe Roy                                   22 Sep 1931               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Hodges, John Michael                          27 May 1981             3rd great-grandson

Hodges, Joseph Barry                          13 Mar 1962              2nd great-grandson

Hodges, Joseph Bradley                      06 May 1984             3rd great-grandson

Hodges, Kimberly Dawn                     01 Mar 1975              3rd great-granddaughter

Hodges, Margie Dell                             06 Apr 1954               2nd great-granddaughter

Hodges, Michael Dean                         03 May 1958             2nd great-grandson

Hodges, Mitzi Gay                                17 Sep 1960               2nd great-granddaughter

Hodges, Ricci Lynn                              15 Apr 1973               3rd great-granddaughter

Hodges, Sarah Jo                                  20 Jan 1982               3rd great-granddaughter

Hodges, Sonia Rane                             27 Mar 1970              3rd great-granddaughter

Hoffpauer, Deborah                                                                  Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Hogland, Mary Frances                       22 Dec 1932               Wife of the great-grandson

Holden, Julia Ann                                 23 Jan 1940               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Holland, Violet Marie                           03 Sep 1920               Wife of the grandson

Holmes, Alicia Michele                                                              3rd great-granddaughter

Holmes, John Ray                                19 Jan 1940               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Holmes, Rebbecca                                19 Jun                          Wife of the grandson

Honsvick, Bret Mitchel                        09 Apr 1959               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Honsvick, Mitchell Lee                        10 Jun 1978               4th great-grandson

Horn, Joshua Randell                           28 Aug 1983              4th great-grandson

Horn, Kenneth Dale                             05 Feb 1955               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Horn, Kenneth Dale Jr.                        07 Jul 1982                 4th great-grandson

Horn, Miranda Raylene                       05 May 1981             4th great-granddaughter

Horn, Sherri                                                                                  Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Horne, Holly                                          1980                            Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Horsely, Jack                                                                               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Horsely, John                                                                               3rd great-grandson

Horsely, Julia                                                                               3rd great-granddaughter

Horton, Alicia Marie                             03 Apr 1963               3rd great-granddaughter

Horton, Allene                                                                             2nd great-granddaughter

Horton, Autumn Loraine                     20 Jul 1985                 3rd great-granddaughter

Horton, Baby Boy                                                                      3rd great-grandson

Horton, Baby Girl                                                                       2nd great-granddaughter

Horton, C C                                            24 Jan 1934               2nd great-grandson

Horton, Cassie Rechelle                       15 Jul 1974                 3rd great-granddaughter

Horton, Catherine                                                                       Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Horton, Charlene                                                                        2nd great-granddaughter

Horton, Charles Edgar Jr.                    19 Aug 1955              2nd great-grandson

Horton, Charles Edgar Sr.                    28 Jan 1928               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Horton, Charles Ryan                          12 Feb 1980               3rd great-grandson

Horton, David Lee                                14 Aug 1960              2nd great-grandson

Horton, Devin Shawn                           10 Jun 1989               3rd great-grandson

Horton, Elbert                                                                              2nd great-grandson

Horton, Frank J.                                    23 May 1900             Husband of the great-granddaughter

Horton, George                                                                            2nd great-grandson

Horton, Gregg                                                                              3rd great-grandson

Horton, Jackie                                                                             2nd great-granddaughter

Horton, Katherine                                                                      Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Horton, Linda Sue                                21 Nov 1949              2nd great-granddaughter

Horton, Michael                                                                          Husband of the great-granddaughter

Horton, Michael Dean                         05 Apr 1961               3rd great-grandson

Horton, Robin Doneine                        13 Nov 1962              2nd great-granddaughter

Horton, Ronald                                                                           3rd great-grandson

Horton, Sherry Charlene                      02 Oct 1951               2nd great-granddaughter

House, Angelia Marie                           13 Apr 1982               4th great-granddaughter

House, James Allen                              25 Mar 1940              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

House, John Allen                                 15 Jul 1959                 3rd great-grandson

House, Regina Marie                            21 Sep 1961               3rd great-granddaughter

Howell, Effie Louise                             17 Aug 1916              Wife of the grandson

Hudson, Mark                                                                             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Hughes, Amanda Dawn                      23 Oct 1979               3rd great-granddaughter

Hughes, Brandon                                                                        4th great-grandson

Hughes, Chad                                                                              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Hughes, Charity                                                                          Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Hughes, Darrius                                                                           Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Hughes, Edna M.                                  Abt. 1880                    Wife of the grandson

Hughes, Emilee Anne                           19 Sep 1990               4th great-granddaughter

Hughes, Haley                                                                             4th great-granddaughter

Hughes, Harold E. Jr.                            20 Jan 1965               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Hughes, Kelsea Marie                          08 Nov 1993              4th great-granddaughter

Hughes, Mackey Jay                            12 Feb 1944               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Hughes, Sherrie LeAnn                        13 Jul 1967                 3rd great-granddaughter

Hughes, Timothy Mack                       11 Feb 1964               3rd great-grandson

Hulsey, Chester Lillian                         05 Jul 1912                 Great-granddaughter

Hulsey, Child                                                                               3rd great-grandchild

Hulsey, Cora Hester                             17 Mar 1909              Great-granddaughter

Hulsey, Dora Elizabeth                        19 May 1903             Great-granddaughter

Hulsey, Ethel Elnora                             18 Mar 1906              Great-granddaughter

Hulsey, Lester                                        25 Dec 1917               Great-grandson

Hulsey, Linda Kay                               25 Sep 1960               2nd great-granddaughter

Hulsey, Raymond Claud                     19 Mar 1918              Great-grandson

Hulsey, Raymond Davey                    29 Jun 1955               2nd great-grandson

Hulsey, Shirley Jane                             23 Nov 1956              2nd great-granddaughter

Hulsey, Thomas Dave                                                               Husband of the granddaughter

Hulsey, Tony                                                                               3rd great-grandchild

Hunden, Betina Brown                        04 Jan 1962               3rd great-granddaughter

Hunden, Gerald Jerome                       01 Sep 1939               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Hunden, Jake Thomas                         01 Oct 2000               4th great-grandson

Hunden, Johnathan David                  08 May 1981             4th great-grandson

Hunden, Katrina Ruth                         04 Jan 1962               3rd great-granddaughter

Hunden, McKensie                               Aug 2004                    5th great-granddaughter

Hunden, Noah                                       18 Nov 2002              5th great-grandson

Hunden, Paige                                       07 Oct 2002               4th great-granddaughter

Hunden, Sarah Elizabeth                    24 Apr 2006               5th great-granddaughter

Hunden, Thomas Gerald                     18 Jan 1964               3rd great-grandson

Hunt, Bobby Lewis                                                                    Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Hunter, Lloyd Jr.                                   29 Jan 1962               2nd great-grandson

Hunter, Tracy June                               19 Jun 1986               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Huttach, ?                                                                                    Husband of the great-granddaughter

Huytra, Kenneth                                                                         Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Indoe, Dixie Jane                                  01 Dec 1956               3rd great-granddaughter

Indoe, Ernest Jay                                  25 Jul 1958                 3rd great-grandson

Indoe, Thomas Clifford                       31 Mar 1932              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Indoe, Twila Jean                                  13 Jun 1955               3rd great-granddaughter

Indoe, Vickie Jo                                     04 Aug 1959              3rd great-granddaughter

Ingram, David                                       29 May 1947             Husband of the great-granddaughter

Ipox, Eugene Claude                            13 Dec 1942               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Jackson, Patrice Anett                                                               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Jackson, Savana                                                                         Wife of the great-grandson

Jackson, Vickie                                      01 Jun 1953               Wife of the great-grandson

James, ?                                                                                        Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Jameson, Theresa Ann                         06 Oct                          Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Jenkins, Belinda Kay                                                                 Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Jenkins, Tom                                                                               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Jobe, Julia Jane                                      26 Sep 1941               Wife of the great-grandson

Johnson, Brandon Keith                      31 Aug 1985              3rd great-grandson

Johnson, Breanna Lee                         31 Mar 1988              3rd great-granddaughter

Johnson, Eddy                                                                             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Johnson, James Carlton                       11 Sep 1940               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Johnson, Jenifer Lynn                          09 Jun 1970               3rd great-granddaughter

Johnson, Jesse Carlton                         06 Feb 1978               3rd great-grandson

Johnson, Julie Leigh                              01 Nov 1975              3rd great-granddaughter

Johnson, Larry Ray                              14 Apr 1960               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Johnson, Michael Allen                                                             3rd great-grandson

Johnson, Naoma                                                                         Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Johnson, Vivian Helena                       09 May 1957             Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Johnston, Audie Alys                            30 Sep 1926               Great-granddaughter

Johnston, Baby Boy                             27 Jan 1956               2nd great-grandson

Johnston, Baby Girl                              1953                            2nd great-granddaughter

Johnston, Bert Buel                              13 Jul 1929                 Great-grandson

Johnston, David Larsen                       15 Oct 1950               2nd great-grandson

Johnston, Earl                                                                              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Johnston, Earl Jr.                                                                         3rd great-grandson

Johnston, Edith Elizabeth                    20 Jul 1921                 Great-granddaughter

Johnston, Elijah Steven                       25 Oct 2006               4th great-grandson

Johnston, Ernie Stephen                      24 Jun 1958               2nd great-grandson

Johnston, Jaime Lynn                          06 Feb 1979               3rd great-granddaughter

Johnston, James Neil                            06 Sep 1950               2nd great-grandson

Johnston, Jesse Delaware                    15 Jan 1896               Husband of the granddaughter

Johnston, Joy Wynn                             07 Oct 1942               Great-granddaughter

Johnston, Judith Elaine                        21 May 1946             2nd great-granddaughter

Johnston, Kayla                                                                          3rd great-granddaughter

Johnston, Kristen Taylor                     28 May 1982             3rd great-granddaughter

Johnston, Kyle Steven                         03 Dec 1986               3rd great-grandson

Johnston, Leslie Ulene                          01 Nov 1923              Wife of the great-grandson

Johnston, Lydia Agnes                         21 Sep 1894               Wife of the grandson

Johnston, Renee Ruthell                                                            3rd great-granddaughter

Johnston, Sarah Elizabeth                   08 Aug 1990              3rd great-granddaughter

Johnston, Stacee Leigh                        11 Aug 1975              3rd great-granddaughter

Johnston, Stephen                                 06 Oct 1987               3rd great-grandson

Johnston, Steve Arthur                         14 Sep 1936               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Johnston, Timothy Earl                                                             3rd great-grandson

Johnston, Tommy Lee                         23 Apr 1957               2nd great-grandson

Johnston, William Winford                 07 Mar 1924              Great-grandson

Joiner, Jamieson Trevor                       04 Aug 1990              3rd great-grandson

Joiner, Jarrod Tanner                            23 May 1988             3rd great-grandson

Joiner, Joel Timothy                                                                   Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Jones, ?                                                                                         Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Jones, Chad                                                                                 4th great-grandson

Jones, Chelsea LeAnne Rowland       Abt. 1990                    3rd great-granddaughter

Jones, Chris                                                                                  Partner of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Jones, Dan                                                                                    4th great-grandson

Jones, Dorothy Faye                             26 Aug 1920              Wife of the great-grandson

Jones, Esther                                                                                Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Jones, Greta Mae                                  29 Jun 2005               4th great-granddaughter

Jones, Heather Enid                              23 Oct 1976               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Jones, Peggiann                                     27 Jun 1949               Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Jones, Steven W.                                                                         4th great-grandson

Justice, Keith                                                                               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Justice, Payton                                       23 Jul 1999                 4th great-granddaughter

Kahnberg, Kathleen                                                                   Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Kaminski, Jennifer Ann                                                             Wife of the 4th great-grandson

Karlsson, Ron                                                                              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Karnes, Linda Sue                                19 Sep 1946               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Karr, Juston Thomas                                                                 Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Karr, Peyton John Scott                       26 Mar 2008              4th great-grandson

Kassaw, ?                                                                                     Husband of the great-granddaughter

Keener, Glen L                                       02 Sep 1937               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Keener, Katherine                                 08 Mar                        2nd great-granddaughter

Keener, Vickie                                                                             2nd great-granddaughter

Keller, Amber Ashley                                                                 3rd great-granddaughter

Keller, Davina Sherrill                                                                3rd great-granddaughter

Keller, Greg                                                                                  Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Kennam, Elizabeth                               Dec 1881                    Wife of the grandson

Kennam, Nellie                                      10 Aug 1878              Daughter-in-law

Kennedy, Joe F. II                                                                      Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Kent, Candis Ashleigh Nicole             17 Mar 1986              3rd great-granddaughter

Kent, Cleatious Louise                         10 Mar 1975              3rd great-granddaughter

Kent, Clois Gene                                   08 Nov 1952              2nd great-grandson

Kent, David Dewayne Eugene           08 Feb 1978               3rd great-grandson

Kent, Derron Gene                                29 Jun 1970               3rd great-grandson

Kent, George Burl                                 30 Nov 1923              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Kent, George Edgar                              19 Apr 1956               2nd great-grandson

Kent, Jerron Burl                                   12 Apr 1946               2nd great-grandson

Kent, Jerron Dion                                  07 Feb 1969               3rd great-grandson

Kent, Jesse Brian                                   19 Sep 1978               3rd great-grandson

Kent, Kevin Eugene                             23 Jul 1983                 3rd great-grandson

Kent, Kristy                                            11 Jan 1986               3rd great-granddaughter

Kent, Lois Jane                                      08 Nov 1952              2nd great-granddaughter

Kent, Sherena Georgena                      30 Nov 1980              3rd great-granddaughter

Kent, Sheretha JudyAnn                     24 Apr 1982               3rd great-granddaughter

Kent, Vicky Gail                                    17 Apr 1971               3rd great-granddaughter

Kerry, Phillip Michael                           10 Feb 1969               Ex-husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Key, Amy Michelle                               02 Oct 1974               3rd great-granddaughter

Key, Krisanne                                        02 Oct 1974               3rd great-granddaughter

Key, Phillip Andrew                              05 Feb 1948               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Keys, Beulah May                                22 Sep 1917               Wife of the grandson

Kidd, Deborah Lynn                                                                  Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Kidd, Jesslyn                                                                                Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Killian, Alonzo                                       21 Dec 1921               Great-grandson

Killian, Mike                                          WFT Est. 1869-1898         Husband of the granddaughter

Kimery, Betty Lou                                24 May 1936             Great-granddaughter

Kimery, Boy                                                                                2nd great-grandson

Kimery, Boy                                                                                2nd great-grandson

Kimery, Boy                                                                                2nd great-grandson

Kimery, Brenda                                                                          2nd great-granddaughter

Kimery, Cathy                                                                            2nd great-granddaughter

Kimery, Donnald Lee                                                                2nd great-grandson

Kimery, Earl Henry                              03 May 1931             Great-grandson

Kimery, Girl                                                                                 2nd great-granddaughter

Kimery, Kim                                                                                2nd great-granddaughter

Kimery, Leonard Damascus               02 Oct 1885               Husband of the granddaughter

Kimery, Mary Louise                           30 Dec 1946               Great-granddaughter

Kimery, Phillip                                                                             2nd great-grandson

Kimery, Robert Lee                              23 Apr 1936               Great-grandson

Kimery, Robert Russell                                                              2nd great-grandson

Kimery, Sammie                                                                         2nd great-grandchild

Kimery, Samuel Edward                     19 Sep 1933               Great-grandson

Kimery, Sandy                                                                            2nd great-grandchild

Kimery, Sharon Kay                                                                  2nd great-granddaughter

Kimes, Ailhe Rena                                26 Jan 1906               Great-granddaughter

Kimes, Bill                                                                                    2nd great-grandson

Kimes, Billy                                                                                 2nd great-grandson

Kimes, Candy                                        Abt. 1956                    2nd great-granddaughter

Kimes, Charles Albert                          04 Nov 1947              2nd great-grandson

Kimes, Charles Rellaford                    11 Sep 1901               Great-grandson

Kimes, Child                                                                                2nd great-grandchild

Kimes, Child                                                                                2nd great-grandchild

Kimes, Child                                                                                2nd great-grandchild

Kimes, Edna Arlene                              06 Aug 1921              Great-granddaughter

Kimes, Elisha Stewart                          04 Nov 1907              Great-grandson

Kimes, Ezra Levi                                   07 Dec 1918               Great-grandson

Kimes, Gary Wayne                                                                   2nd great-grandson

Kimes, Herbert Wayne                        17 Sep 1913               Great-grandson

Kimes, Hermon Monroe                      05 Mar 1916              Great-grandson

Kimes, James Albert                             09 May 1878             Husband of the granddaughter

Kimes, Kimmy Sue                              06 May 1967             3rd great-granddaughter

Kimes, Lettie Edith                               28 Nov 1917              Great-granddaughter

Kimes, Paula Ann                                 28 Dec 1968               3rd great-granddaughter

Kimes, R. C.                                                                                 2nd great-grandchild

Kimes, Sharon                                                                             2nd great-granddaughter

Kimes, Vinna Maynotta                      04 Apr 1904               Great-granddaughter

Kimes, Willie Winford                          07 May 1910             Great-grandson

Kincannon, Doug                                                                       Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Kincannon, Joshua Douglas                                                     3rd great-grandson

Kincannon, Richard Joe                                                            3rd great-grandson

King, Edna Lee                                      08 Jul 1919                 Wife of the grandson

King, Kelvin Edward                            02 Oct 1963               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

King, Kurt                                               23 Aug 1953              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Kingery, Jim                                                                                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Aaron Glen                                                                    3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Adam John                              25 Dec 1986               3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Alfred Virgil                             24 Jun 1953               2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Allien                                                                              2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Amon Lee                                05 Mar 1923              Great-grandson

Kinsey, Amon Lee Jr.                           11 Jul 1963                 2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Amos Dow                               05 Feb 1920               Great-grandson

Kinsey, Angela Annette                       26 Jun 1956               2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Arnold Ray                              04 Nov 1961              2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Benny Ray                              24 Jun 1968               3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Betty Denise                            08 Jan 1959               2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Betty Lorene                           29 Mar 1941              2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Bill                                             Abt. 1903                    Husband of the granddaughter

Kinsey, Billie Norene                            29 Mar 1941              2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Boy                                                                                 3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Brandon                                                                         4th great-grandson

Kinsey, Brianna Nicole                        27 Nov 2007              4th great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Calvin W.                                 02 Oct 1909               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Catherine                                 19 Aug 1935              2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Cecil Raymond                       19 Feb 1918               Great-grandson

Kinsey, Charlotte                                                                        3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Charlotte                                                                        2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Christie                                                                           4th great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Christy                                                                            3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Clara Louise                            25 Nov 1939              2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Clifford Amon                        12 Aug 1914              Great-grandson

Kinsey, Cocy DeWayne                                                            3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Daniel Ray                               16 Oct 1981               3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, David                                        12 Feb 1998               4th great-grandson

Kinsey, David Louis                             11 Sep 1970               2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Dennis Gene                            07 Sep 1948               2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Donna Kay                              26 Nov 1973              3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Donny Eugene                        Feb 1965                     3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Douglas Dewayne                  13 Aug 1967              3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Douglas Michael                     23 Jan 1996               4th great-grandson

Kinsey, Dusty Michelle                        20 Dec 1975               3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Edith Odele                                                                    Wife of the great-grandson

Kinsey, Elizabeth Ann                         29 Oct 1941               2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Eula Mae                                 28 Nov 1919              Great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Evelyn Mae                             22 Aug 1938              2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Freda Furne                             23 Aug 1924              Great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Gene Avery                              24 May 1925             Great-grandson

Kinsey, Gertrude                                   Mar 1922                    Great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Girl                                                                                  3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Hannah Marie                                                              3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Harlen Bobblee                       01 Feb 1941               2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Irvin Alpha                              17 Jan 1915               Great-grandson

Kinsey, Irvin Lawayne                        24 May 1947             2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Jacquita Inez                           08 Oct 1958               2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Jamie Marie                             28 Dec 2005               4th great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Jason                                                                              3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Jeffrey Scott                            06 Oct 1968               2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Jesse                                          08 Sep 1993               4th great-grandson

Kinsey, Jewell Dean                              25 Feb 1937               2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Jewell Dean                              30 Jun 1939               Great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Johathan Curry                       20 Jan 1984               3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Johnny                                                                           2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Johnny Clemit                         12 Mar 1893              Ex-husband of the granddaughter

Kinsey, Josephine                                 25 Feb 1937               2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Juanita                                                                           2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Justin                                                                              4th great-grandson

Kinsey, Katherine                                                                       3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Kenneth Calvin                      24 Aug 1982              3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Kenneth Morgan                    03 Jul 1937                 Great-grandson

Kinsey, Kennie Ray                             04 Mar 1955              2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Kerry Dwayne                         23 Apr 1960               2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Kyle Wayne                                                                  4th great-grandson

Kinsey, Lahoma Faye                         09 Dec 1953               2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Larry G                                     15 May 1952             2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Laura                                                                              3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Lavoy Dowis                           09 Mar 1928              Great-grandson

Kinsey, Lee Harrison                            21 Dec 1889               Husband of the granddaughter

Kinsey, Letita                                                                              3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Linda Faye                              24 Aug 1944              2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Linda Sue                                 12 Apr 1946               2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Lisa                                                                                 3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Lois Myrtle                              06 Oct 1912               Great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Mary Lucinda                         25 Nov 1910              Great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Michael Paul                           11 Oct 1965               2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Misty                                                                              3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Miura Mozelle                         24 Sep 1952               2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Morgan Ray                            21 May 1922             Great-grandson

Kinsey, Nathan                                                                           4th great-grandson

Kinsey, Oscar Bert                                15 Sep 1920               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Ottis III                                                                          3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Ottis Theodore Jr.                                                         2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Ottis Theodore Sr.                   19 May 1917             Great-grandson

Kinsey, Renee                                                                             3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Retha Angeline                       16 Feb 1917               Great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Rhonda Marie                         10 Oct 1963               2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Ronny Glenn                           10 Oct 1956               2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Sadaluia Lynn                        01 Oct 1972               3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Sandra Marie                          15 Sep 1948               2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Sandy Renee                           05 Sep 1970               3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Sharon Lerlene                        13 Oct 1948               2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Sherly Annette                        20 Jun 1953               2nd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Stacey Don                              05 Jun 1991               3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Stephanie                                                                       4th great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Steven Ray                              12 Mar 1984              3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Tammi                                                                           3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Terry Roger                              27 May 1948             2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Thelma Angeline                    12 Mar 1933              Great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Timmy                                                                           2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Toni Dale                                 15 Sep 1969               3rd great-grandson

Kinsey, Tracee                                                                            3rd great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Velma Bell                               03 May 1926             Great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Vernon Larry                           14 Feb 1954               2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Vernon Virgil                           17 Aug 1928              Great-grandson

Kinsey, Vesta Rose                               20 Nov 1931              Great-granddaughter

Kinsey, Virgil Quzine                            14 Jan 1895               Husband of the granddaughter

Kinsey, William Daryl                          10 Apr 1956               2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Wincel Clyde                           28 Jan 1920               Great-grandson

Kinsey, Winfred Allen                          09 Mar 1947              2nd great-grandson

Kinsey, Winfred Amon                        04 Dec 1921               Great-grandson

Kirk, Brian                                              24 Dec 1973               3rd great-grandson

Kirk, Bryce                                             24 Dec 1973               3rd great-grandson

Kirk, Cory Allen                                    29 Dec 1974               3rd great-grandson

Kirk, Rudy                                                                                   Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Kirkendall, Faye                                    23 Sep 1935               Wife of the great-grandson

Kirkham, Brandon                                                                     4th great-grandson

Kirkham, Michael                                                                      Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Kirkham, Shannon                                                                     4th great-grandchild

Kiser, Ruth Elaine                                 01 Jun 1950               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Kizer, Carla                                                                                  3rd great-granddaughter

Kizer, Jess                                                                                     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Kizer, Mark                                                                                  3rd great-grandson

Klamm, Dan                                                                                Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Klamm, Joel Isaac                                08 May 1989             4th great-grandson

Kloudis, Mona Lesa Marei                 10 Jun 1963               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Klumker, Lewis                                                                           Husband of the great-granddaughter

Knisley, Joan A                                     1940                            Wife of the great-grandson

Knowles, Betty Jo                                 20 Apr 1933               Wife of the great-grandson

Kohler, Karen Kaye                                                                   Wife of the great-grandson

Korinek, Joe                                                                                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Kribs, Cleotis Johnnie                           18 May 1930             2nd great-granddaughter

Kribs, Odis                                                                                    Husband of the great-granddaughter

Kuhns, Mary Ethel                               21 Jun 1965               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Kykendall, Perry                                                                         Husband of the great-granddaughter

Laing, Daniel A.                                                                          Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Lambert, ?                                                                                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Lambert, Child                                                                            3rd great-grandchild

Lambert, Child                                                                            3rd great-grandchild

Lambert, Child                                                                            3rd great-grandchild

Lambert, James Lee                                                                   Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Lambert, Tammie Ann                        29 Oct 1968               4th great-granddaughter

Lambert, Tana Lee                               08 May 1972             4th great-granddaughter

Lancaster, Vicky Lynn                                                              Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Lane, Candy Nell                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Langdon, Orson Pratt                           13 Jul 1900                 Husband of the great-granddaughter

Larsen, Brianne E.                                10 Apr 1981               4th great-granddaughter

Larsen, Reed T.                                     02 Jun 1979               4th great-grandson

Larsen, Wayne H.                                 21 Nov 1956              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Laube, Barbara Jo                                19 Sep 1964               Wife of the great-grandson

Launer, Cherie Lee                               03 Apr 1956               Wife of the great-grandson

Lawrence, Deborah Kay                                                           Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Lawrence, Valerie                                 28 Apr 1963               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Layton, James Daniel                          30 Sep 1993               3rd great-grandson

Layton, James Richard                        07 Feb 1934               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Layton, Joseph Vincent                       15 Oct 1964               2nd great-grandson

Layton, Michael James                       03 Mar 1958              2nd great-grandson

Layton, Patrick Edward                       23 Jun 1962               2nd great-grandson

Layton, Roxanne                                                                       2nd great-granddaughter

Leal, Nina                                                                                     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Ledbetter, Hugh                                                                          Husband of the granddaughter

Lee, Jack Alvin                                                                            Husband of the great-granddaughter

Lee, Jack Eisele                                                                           2nd great-grandson

Lejeune, Christopher Lee Michael     25 Apr 2000               3rd great-grandson

Leming, Leonard Max                         13 May 1919             Husband of the great-granddaughter

Lemons, Linda Kay                                                                   Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Leverich, Ernest Joe                                                                   Husband of the great-granddaughter

Leverich, Karon Denise                                                             2nd great-granddaughter

Lewis, Artinchious Franklin                 09 Apr 1886               Husband of the granddaughter

Lewis, Billy Troy                                   16 Jan 1930               Great-grandson

Lewis, Carol Anne Marie                     05 Nov 1956              2nd great-granddaughter

Lewis, Charles Ray                               13 Mar 1933              Great-grandson

Lewis, Charles Ray Jr.                          10 Sep 1957               2nd great-grandson

Lewis, Dail Marie                                  24 Sep 1915               Great-granddaughter

Lewis, Daniel Mark                               17 Sep 1959               2nd great-grandson

Lewis, David                                                                                Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Lewis, Debra Emmaline                       27 Oct 1955               2nd great-granddaughter

Lewis, Denver D.                                   04 Aug 1951              2nd great-grandson

Lewis, Doris Nadine                              14 Feb 1945               2nd great-granddaughter

Lewis, Ella Andrew                               02 Apr 1910               Great-granddaughter

Lewis, Emma Jo                                    02 Dec 1936               Great-granddaughter

Lewis, Floy Latrell                                 17 Nov 1928              Great-granddaughter

Lewis, Harold Guen                                                                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Lewis, Jimmie Merline                                                               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Lewis, Kelly Wayne                              08 Jan 1957               3rd great-grandson

Lewis, Kenneth                                                                           Wife of the great-grandson

Lewis, Margie Alene                             23 Jul 1923                 Great-granddaughter

Lewis, Michael Scott                            11 Apr 1972               3rd great-grandson

Lewis, Piper Christine                           29 Oct 2009               4th great-granddaughter

Lewis, Rais Blummer                           03 Apr 1920               Great-grandson

Lewis, Ray Franklin                              02 Feb 1918               Great-grandson

Lewis, Robin Joseph                             08 Sep 1978               4th great-granddaughter

Lewis, Roy Royal                                  25 Feb 1925               Great-grandson

Lewis, Shawn Kelly                              18 Jan 1976               4th great-grandson

Lewis, Theresa Ann                                                                    Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Lewis, Tracy D.                                      17 Aug 1913              Great-grandson

Ley, Kenneth Dale                                28 Jul 1941                 2nd great-grandson

Ley, Norman Jean                                21 May 1951             2nd great-granddaughter

Ley, Otis                                                                                       Husband of the great-granddaughter

Ley, Ronald Douglas                            03 Oct 1945               2nd great-grandson

Lightfoot, Charlene Eloise                                                        4th great-granddaughter

Lightfoot, Dalton                                                                        4th great-grandson

Lightfoot, Vincent                                                                      Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Linbarger, Dana Gwen                         07 Oct 1937               2nd great-granddaughter

Linbarger, John Kenneth III               14 Mar 1911              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Linbarger, John Kenneth IV               18 Jan 1943               2nd great-grandson

Linbarger, John Kenneth V                 14 Apr 1973               3rd great-grandson

Linbarger, Julia Ann                             13 Aug 1936              2nd great-granddaughter

Linbarger, Lolita Cristine                     14 Jan 1964               3rd great-granddaughter

Lindeman, Sally Ann                           09 May 1953             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Lindsy, ?                                                                                       Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Lingarger, Jennifer Loraine                 13 Jan 1968               3rd great-granddaughter

Linn, Jesse Dewayne                                                                  Husband of the great-granddaughter

Linn, LaDonna Michelle                                                           2nd great-granddaughter

Lisben, ?                                                                                       Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Lisben, Child                                                                                3rd great-grandchild

Little, Barbara Jean                              21 Oct 1951               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Loader, Janet K                                     Abt. 1953                    Ex-wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Lockwood, Amanda Jo                       30 Mar 1983              3rd great-granddaughter

Lockwood, Dennis Shawn                   13 Jul 1963                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Lorenzo, Bette Ann                              20 Jan 1942               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Losey, Adam Harvard                         19 Apr 1968               3rd great-grandson

Losey, Heather Renee                          19 Sep 1970               3rd great-granddaughter

Losey, Ronald Noland                         31 Dec 1942               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Lowry, Jamie Rene                               10 Jan 1961               3rd great-granddaughter

Lowry, Julie Lynn                                 24 Apr 1956               3rd great-granddaughter

Lowry, Waldo S.                                    04 Mar 1935              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Loyd, ?                                                                                          Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Loyd, Caroline Marie                           24 Sep 2007               4th great-granddaughter

Lucas, Audra Lee                                  06 Mar 1925              Wife of the great-grandson

Lynch, Mary Katheryn                        23 Sep 1940               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Maddox, Brenda Louise                      Abt. 1950                    3rd great-granddaughter

Maddox, Fred III                                  16 Jun 1954               3rd great-grandson

Maddox, Fred Jr.                                   10 Mar 1924              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Maddox, Samantha Rose                   16 May 1988             4th great-granddaughter

Maddox, Terry Jack                             30 Apr 1986               4th great-grandson

Malone, Alice Joyce                             16 Apr 1922               Wife of the great-grandson

Mandis, ?                                                                                      Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Maner, Cassidi Ann                              19 Aug 1976              2nd great-granddaughter

Maner, George Jeffery                         01 Mar 1981              2nd great-grandson

Maner, George Sanford                       22 Oct 1956               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Maner, Hayden Drake                         27 Mar 2001              3rd great-grandson

Maner, Matthew Caleb                        21 Feb 1987               2nd great-grandson

Maner, Peyton Riley                             06 Jun 2006               3rd great-grandson

Manley, Misty Jene                              24 Jul 1977                 Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Manz, Annie Marie                                                                    Wife of the 4th great-grandson

Manz, Kaylee Ann                               26 Feb 1993               5th great-granddaughter

Marbury, David William                      18 Jul 1952                 2nd great-grandson

Marbury, Luther William                     06 Jun 1916               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Marcom, Mary Ann                                                                   3rd great-granddaughter

Marcom, Thomas Lester                                                           Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Marrell, Janet                                                                               Wife of the great-grandson

Marshall, Larry                                      1949                            Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Marshall, Paula Jean                            09 Apr 1970               3rd great-granddaughter

Martin, Cassie Marie                            21 Dec 1989               4th great-granddaughter

Martin, Janet                                          30 Jul                           Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Martin, Johnny Ray                             10 May 1967             3rd great-grandson

Martin, Leslie Ray                                1947                            Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Martin, Patsy Jean                                31 May 1960             3rd great-granddaughter

Martin, Robert Lee                               07 Aug 1958              3rd great-grandson

Martin, Sharon Denise                         12 Jun 1969               3rd great-granddaughter

Martin, Shirley Kathleen                     21 Dec 1949               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Martin, Steven Dale                              23 Dec 1966               3rd great-grandson

Martin, Steven Wayne                         04 Feb 1947               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Martin, Thomas Lee                             20 Dec 1933               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Mason, Jenny                                                                              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Massey, Carol Ann                               27 Aug 1937              Wife of the great-grandson

Mathews, Christina Renee                  01 Oct 1988               3rd great-granddaughter

Mathews, Rodger Don                         21 Apr 1969               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Matthews, Karen                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Mattson, ?                                                                                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Mayhugh, Amy Joy                              08 May 1970             Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Maynard, Ronald Denton                   25 Jul 1960                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Mays, Debra Sue                                   11 Sep 1962               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

McArthur, Robin                                                                         Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

McCarver, James William Jr.              05 Feb 1946               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

McCarver, Lea Starr                             02 Sep 1975               3rd great-granddaughter

McCarver, Xan Chatherine                 21 Feb 1973               3rd great-granddaughter

McCauley, Bill                                                                            Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

McCauley, Bobby                                                                      3rd great-grandson

McCauley, Child                                                                         3rd great-grandchild

McCauley, Lisa                                     15 Apr 1961               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

McCauley, Shirley                                                                      3rd great-granddaughter

McClinden, Isabelle                              19 Mar 1873              Daughter-in-law

McCollum, Vera Merlene                    08 Oct 1940               Wife of the great-grandson

McCoy, Gary                                                                               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

McCoy, Gary Jr.                                    16 Aug 1989              3rd great-grandson

McCoy, Stephanie Marie                    11 Mar 1983              3rd great-granddaughter

McDonald, Carol Lisa                          19 Nov 1957              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

McDow, James                                      29 Jul 1926                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

McDow, James Michael                      23 Aug 1955              3rd great-grandson

McDow, Jamie                                                                            4th great-grandchild

McDow, Jenny                                                                            4th great-granddaughter

McDow, Laura Kathlene                     21 Jan 1959               3rd great-granddaughter

McDow, Lisa Beth                                                                      4th great-granddaughter

McDow, Mary Jean                              23 May 1949             3rd great-granddaughter

McDow, Michael                                                                        4th great-grandson

Mcdowell, Terri D                                  1962                            Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

McElrath, Albert Johnny                     10 Mar 1924              Husband of the great-granddaughter

McElrath, Albert Johnny Jr.                13 Jul 1953                 2nd great-grandson

McElrath, Cubby                                  12 Oct 1976               3rd great-grandson

McElrath, John David                          12 Oct 1976               3rd great-grandson

McElrath, Lesli                                                                            Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

McElrath, Mason Mitchell                  09 Aug 2007              4th great-grandson

McElrath, Nancy Eileen                       10 Nov 1960              2nd great-granddaughter

McElrath, Nancy LeeAnn                   26 Feb                         3rd great-granddaughter

McElrath, Richard Rowland               06 Nov 1958              2nd great-grandson

McElrath, Susan Michelle                   12 Nov                        3rd great-granddaughter

McGuire, Brian Patrick                        05 Apr 1961               3rd great-grandson

McGuire, Britt Austin                           18 Aug 1976              3rd great-grandson

McGuire, Carl Patrick                           16 Feb 1940               2nd great-grandson

McGuire, Charles Edward                   10 Jun 1941               2nd great-grandson

McGuire, Child                                                                            3rd great-grandchild

McGuire, Child                                                                            3rd great-grandchild

McGuire, Child                                                                            3rd great-grandchild

McGuire, Child                                                                            3rd great-grandchild

McGuire, Deena Kay                           03 Jul 1966                 3rd great-granddaughter

McGuire, Dora                                                                             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

McGuire, Doratres                                                                      3rd great-granddaughter

McGuire, Jerrry Dan                             11 Feb 1948               2nd great-grandson

McGuire, John                                       14 Apr 1919               Husband of the great-granddaughter

McGuire, John Franklin                       18 Feb 1946               2nd great-grandson

McGuire, Kimmerly Ann                     26 Jan 1970               3rd great-granddaughter

McGuire, Sherry Lynn                          29 Jul 1966                 3rd great-granddaughter

McGuire, Stephen Ross                        21 Apr 1960               3rd great-grandson

McKeener, Mary                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

McKelroy, Child                                    Abt. 1984                    4th great-grandchild

McKelroy, Timothy Wayne                01 Aug 1952              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

McKnight, Damon Christopher          20 Sep 1992               4th great-grandson

McKnight, John Eric                             06 Jul 1966                 Ex-husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

McKnight, Keely Jessica                     21 Aug 1998              4th great-granddaughter

McKnight, Zachary John                    27 Jun 1995               4th great-grandson

McLoughlin, Mark Leo                        26 Apr 1950               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

McMahon, ?                                                                                Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

McMasters, Velma                                                                     Wife of the great-grandson

McNaughton, Brittney Nicole             15 Dec 1995               3rd great-granddaughter

McNaughton, Donald Hugh               13 Mar 1938              Husband of the great-granddaughter

McNaughton, Elizabeth Marie           23 Sep 1981               2nd great-granddaughter

McNaughton, Michael Stuart             01 Aug 1973              2nd great-grandson

McNeely, Kimberly Dyan                   29 Jun 1975               3rd great-granddaughter

McNeely, Leaha Dawn                        26 May 1977             3rd great-granddaughter

McNeely, Samuel Eugene                   05 Mar 1948              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

McNeil, Ruby                                         30 Mar 1903              Wife of the grandson

McVey, Charles Arthur                        02 Apr 1935               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Meador, Andy                                                                             4th great-granddaughter

Meador, Cecil Lee Jr.                            13 Jul 1956                 Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Meador, Jason Lee                               17 Aug 1979              4th great-grandson

Meador, Mark                                                                             Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Meador, Marlene                                                                        4th great-granddaughter

Meador, Michelle                                                                        4th great-granddaughter

Mears, Particia Ann                              13 Feb 1949               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Meek, Narney                                                                              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Meeks, Brandy Ann                                                                   3rd great-granddaughter

Meeks, Christopher                                                                    3rd great-grandson

Meeks, Henry Shannon                                                             3rd great-grandson

Meeks, Henry Tilmon                          15 May 1918             Husband of the great-granddaughter

Meeks, James Henry                            07 Jul 1942                 2nd great-grandson

Meeks, Jeremy                                                                            3rd great-grandson

Meeks, Jerry Allen                                 09 Oct 1949               2nd great-grandson

Meeks, Johnna Nell                                                                    3rd great-granddaughter

Meeks, Johnny Jackson                       14 Feb 1940               2nd great-grandson

Meeks, Katienna                                                                        3rd great-granddaughter

Meeks, Melvin Leo                               10 Feb 1951               2nd great-grandson

Meeks, Stephanie                                                                       3rd great-granddaughter

Meeks, Tillie Jean                                  29 Sep 1956               2nd great-granddaughter

Meeks, Timothy                                                                          3rd great-grandson

Meeks, Velldean                                    16 Aug 1945              2nd great-grandson

Meeks, Wanda Sue                               27 Nov 1947              2nd great-granddaughter

Melton, Betty Sue                                 14 Sep 1957               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Mendena, ?                                                                                  Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Merriott, Riley M.                                  20 Dec 1910               Husband of the granddaughter

Merritt, Chase Ellis                                15 Dec 1997               4th great-grandson

Merritt, Danielle Nicole                        17 Aug 1994              4th great-granddaughter

Merritt, Terry Jack                                26 Jul 1926                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Merritt, William Donald                       10 Oct 1960               3rd great-grandson

Meurs, Nancy C                                    Abt. 1945                    Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Michalscheck, Aaron Douglas            30 Sep 1971               3rd great-grandson

Michalscheck, Dean Ellison                22 Apr 1942               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Michalscheck, Nadine Marie              14 Apr 1969               3rd great-granddaughter

Miller, Alicynn Michella                       04 Dec 1971               3rd great-granddaughter

Miller, Aline Adele                                 10 Nov 1925              Wife of the great-grandson

Miller, Allen                                            02 May 1960             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Miller, Don                                                                                   Husband of the great-granddaughter

Miller, Fairon Matthew                        24 Oct 1974               3rd great-grandson

Miller, Nisha                                           30 Aug 1977              3rd great-granddaughter

Miller, Rick                                                                                   Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Miller, Steven Jay                                  12 Dec 1954               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Miller, Wendy Stevena                         21 Mar 1976              3rd great-granddaughter

Mills, Anna Ruth                                   05 Jul 1937                 Wife of the great-grandson

Minton, Carol                                        1903                            Wife of the grandson

Minton, Connie Jo                                22 Jun 1954               2nd great-granddaughter

Minton, Dora Selina                             11 Oct 1895               Wife of the grandson

Minton, Eugene M                                22 Sep 1926               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Minton, Kelly Dawn                                                                   3rd great-granddaughter

Minton, Melvin Glen                            20 Jul 1930                 Husband of the great-granddaughter

Minton, Melvin Glen Jr.                       26 May 1953             2nd great-grandson

Minton, Melvin Jusitn                                                                3rd great-grandson

Minton, William Jason                                                               3rd great-grandson

Minton, Willie A                                    12 May 1916             Wife of the grandson

Minx, Rachel S                                      06 Mar 1924              Wife of the great-grandson

Mitchell, ?                                                                                     Ex-husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Mitchell, Melanie                                                                        Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Mitchell, Sam                                                                              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Moffit, Dennis J.                                    26 Sep 1955               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Moffit, Rohman J.                                13 Dec 1987               3rd great-grandson

Moffitt, Brandon                                  26 Oct 1995               4th great-grandson

Moffitt, Greg                                                                                Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Moler, Bradley Ray                              20 Aug 1996              4th great-grandson

Moler, Brandon Lee                             05 Jul 1995                 4th great-grandson

Moler, Brian Dewayne                         26 May 1975             3rd great-grandson

Moler, Cindy Lou                                  28 Feb 1973               3rd great-granddaughter

Moler, Jeremy Scott                              19 Jul 1979                 3rd great-grandson

Moler, Jessica                                         04 Feb 1994               4th great-granddaughter

Moler, John Luther                               17 Jan 1952               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Moler, Johnny LaVerne                       06 Apr 1971               3rd great-grandson

Moler, Latasha Nicole                          04 Jan 1990               4th great-granddaughter

Moler, Rabecca                                     14 Apr 2008               4th great-granddaughter

Moler, Sarah Dawn                               11 Nov 1998              4th great-granddaughter

Moler, Tristy Isabell                              10 Jun 1996               4th great-granddaughter

Money, Brenda Charrene                    09 Sep 1957               2nd great-granddaughter

Money, Charley Jones                         10 Nov 1921              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Money, Lacy Dawn                              17 Nov 1984              3rd great-granddaughter

Money, Ty                                              23 Feb 1961               2nd great-grandson

Montgomery, Faye                                                                     Wife of the great-grandson

Montgomery, Terri Jean                      09 Feb 1957               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Montgomery, Viva Mae                      16 Sep 1904               Wife of the grandson

Moody, Denise                                                                            Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Mooney, Michael                                                                       3rd great-grandson

Moore, Blanch Marie                           23 Sep 1921               Wife of the great-grandson

Moore, Don Allen                                  09 Nov 1955              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Moore, Kelley Dawn                            06 Mar 1979              3rd great-granddaughter

Moore, Martha Gene                            08 Apr 1933               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Moore, Scott Allen                                17 Aug 1981              3rd great-grandson

Moore, Shelley Ann                              06 Mar 1979              3rd great-granddaughter

Moretton, Gene D.                                                                      Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Morgan, Paul David                                                                   Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Morin, Kim John                                   19 Mar 1952              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Morris, Bradley Darrel                          09 Feb 1967               3rd great-grandson

Morris, Dale Allen                                 06 Jul 1959                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Morris, Darrell Dyvon                           03 Jul 1944                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Morris, Lorie Jo                                                                           Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Morris, Markaus Darrell                       15 Aug 1978              3rd great-grandson

Morris, Stephen Darrell                        06 Dec 1968               3rd great-grandson

Morris, Tiffany Vernice                       11 Jul 1975                 3rd great-granddaughter

Morrison, ?                                                                                   Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Morrison, Gina Marie                           24 Jul 1973                 3rd great-granddaughter

Moudy, Cynthia Leigh                         25 Oct 1960               2nd great-granddaughter

Moudy, Jimmy B.                                 08 Jun 1934               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Mouka, ?                                                                                      Husband of the great-granddaughter

Mulkey, Daryl V                                    25 Aug 1962              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Mullen, Brandon Joseph                                                           Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Mullen, Patience Calypso                    26 Oct 2007               5th great-granddaughter

Mullenix, Lori                                                                              Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Munday, Beth                                       09 Dec                         Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Murders, Boy                                                                               4th great-grandson

Murders, Gerald                                     05 Dec 1941               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Murders, Herman Samuel                   23 May 1916             Husband of the great-granddaughter

Murders, Jack Dewayne                      Feb 1962                     3rd great-grandson

Murders, Jill                                            Abt. 1964                    3rd great-granddaughter

Murphy, Flora                                                                             Wife of the great-grandson

Murphy, Frank                                      27 Sep 1957               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Murphy, Frank Jr.                                 09 Mar 1974              4th great-grandson

Murphy, Michael Gene                        02 Dec 1976               4th great-grandson

Murphy, Ronald Wayne                      23 Feb 1978               4th great-grandson

Mutchler, Star Donna                                                                Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Myers, Bo Tyler                                     20 Jan 1982               3rd great-grandson

Myers, Carrie Annette                          07 Sep 1952               2nd great-granddaughter

Myers, Jake R.                                       10 Nov 1983              3rd great-grandson

Myers, Larry E.                                      18 Nov 1927              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Myers, Perry Dwayne                           01 Jul 1955                 2nd great-grandson

Naylor, Marita Odessa Gail                 16 Dec 1931               Wife of the great-grandson

Needham, Fern Alice                            29 Jul 1925                 Wife of the great-grandson

Neel, Mark Allen                                   Abt. 1961                    Ex-husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Nelson, Joy Victoria                                                                   Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Newberry, Tessa                                    15 May                       Wife of the 4th great-grandson

Newman, Judith Ann                                                                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Nichols, ?                                                                                      Husband of the great-granddaughter

Nichols, Bonnie Barbara                     12 Apr 1921               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Nichols, Buford Lawson                      09 Nov 1911              Great-grandson

Nichols, Cassondra Denise                  23 Aug 1969              3rd great-granddaughter

Nichols, Cheryl Anne                            19 Mar 1983              3rd great-granddaughter

Nichols, Chester Douglas                     06 Jun 1962               3rd great-grandson

Nichols, Dale Wayne                            14 Feb 1955               3rd great-grandson

Nichols, Dale Williams                         26 Jan 1973               4th great-grandson

Nichols, Donald Gene                           20 Apr 1942               2nd great-grandson

Nichols, Fred L.                                      29 Dec 1915               Great-grandson

Nichols, Freeman Oscar                       29 Aug 1920              Great-grandson

Nichols, Gregory Dean                         24 Jul 1969                 3rd great-grandson

Nichols, Helen                                        06 Dec 1941               2nd great-granddaughter

Nichols, Kristopher Lee                        04 Apr 1976               4th great-grandson

Nichols, Lee                                            03 Sep 1886               Husband of the granddaughter

Nichols, Lon Dale                                  10 Sep 1930               2nd great-grandson

Nichols, Martha Ann                            22 Aug 1951              3rd great-granddaughter

Nichols, Nick Lawson                                                                3rd great-grandson

Nichols, Norma Jean                            07 Jan 1932               2nd great-granddaughter

Nichols, Norman Lawson                    18 Nov 1936              2nd great-grandson

Nichols, Paula Louann                                                              3rd great-granddaughter

Nichols, Rita Lynn                                05 Jul 1958                 3rd great-granddaughter

Nichols, Shirley Mae                             07 Jan 1942               2nd great-granddaughter

Nichols, Terry Edward                          01 Jun 1972               3rd great-grandson

Nichols, Terry Lendell                          18 Jun 1947               2nd great-grandson

Nichols, Willadean                                                                      2nd great-granddaughter

Noles, Viola L                                        05 Dec 1907               Wife of the grandson

Norman, Amya Marie                          10 Mar 2004              5th great-granddaughter

Norman, Benjamin                               11 Mar 1891              Husband of the granddaughter

Norman, Clifford                                  23 Aug 1915              Great-grandson

Norman, David Joseph                        25 Aug 1982              4th great-grandson

Norman, Kenneth Charles                  30 Sep 1939               2nd great-grandson

Norman, Kevin Christopher                14 Sep 1985               4th great-grandson

Norman, Kristie Sue                             27 Jan 1970               3rd great-granddaughter

Norman, Logan Roy                            15 Oct 1999               5th great-grandson

Norman, Michael Charles                   29 Feb 1964               3rd great-grandson

Norman, Nadine Virginia                     11 Feb 1943               2nd great-granddaughter

Norman, Odis                                         20 Apr 1919               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Norman, Robert Eugene                      10 Jan 1953               2nd great-grandson

Norman, Stephen Joseph                                                          Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Norman, Steven Shawn                       20 Sep 1969               3rd great-grandson

Norman, Wilbur                                     10 Jul 1913                 Great-grandson

Oberholzer, Julie D.                               08 Nov 1969              Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Ogden, Roy JR. Louis                           04 Aug 1963              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Oldes, Lynda Jane                                17 Dec 1947               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Olson, Girl                                                                                     4th great-granddaughter

Olson, Ted                                                                                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Olson, Tierra                                                                                3rd great-granddaughter

Orr, Raquel Claris                                  11 Jul 1981                 3rd great-granddaughter

Orr, Ronald                                             12 Feb 1955               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Orr, Ronald Wayde                               29 Apr 1975               3rd great-grandson

Orr, Shannon Annette                          30 Jun 1978               3rd great-granddaughter

Osborn, Debbie                                                                            Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Oswalt, Ace Houston                            28 Feb 2006               4th great-grandson

Oswalt, Brandon                                   26 Feb 1985               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Oswalt, Charley                                     05 Sep 2008               4th great-granddaughter

Outler, Tennie August                           02 Aug 1894              Wife of the grandson

Owensby, Billy Dell                               23 Mar 1942              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Owensby, Billy Dell Jr.                          13 Nov 1962              2nd great-grandson

Owensby, Bradley George                   28 Feb 1974               2nd great-grandson

Owensby, Brandon Dean                    12 Sep 1967               2nd great-grandson

Owensby, Brett Guy                             23 Jun 1971               2nd great-grandson

Owensby, Brian Kurt                            24 Aug 1964              2nd great-grandson

Pack, Charles Edward II                      21 Nov 1969              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Pack, Chuck                                           21 Nov 1969              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Pack, Mason Edward                           29 Jul 1999                 4th great-grandson

Pack, Morgan Elizabeth                      18 Apr 2003               4th great-granddaughter

Page, Elizabeth                                                                            Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Painter, Nancy Susan                                                                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Papp, Daressa June                               19 Mar 1978              3rd great-granddaughter

Papp, Martin James                              02 Aug                         Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Papp, Mathew Joseph                          31 Dec 1988               3rd great-grandson

Papp, Stephanie Dawn                         04 Oct 1986               3rd great-granddaughter

Parker, Furmon OJ                                18 Jan 1932               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Parker, Gary Furmon                            16 Oct 1953               3rd great-grandson

Parker, Jerry Dawayne                         25 Aug 1959              3rd great-grandson

Parker, Johnny                                       WFT Est. 1927-1947         Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Parker, Larry Gene                                23 Sep 1956               3rd great-grandson

Parkham, Glenda                                                                        Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Parkhurst, Elva Dell                              02 May 1952             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Partain, Elva Marie                               21 Nov 1928              Wife of the great-grandson

Partain, Janice Lucille                          20 Mar 1951              2nd great-granddaughter

Partain, Jeff                                                                                 2nd great-grandson

Partain, Larry                                         14 Oct 1949               2nd great-grandson

Partain, Merle Allen                              12 Jul 1927                 Husband of the great-granddaughter

Patton, Guy R                                        30 Nov 1899              Husband of the granddaughter

Paul, Angie Faye                                   03 Sep 1969               3rd great-granddaughter

Paul, Roy Wayne                                  Abt. 1946                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Peace, Jennifer Christine                      18 Nov 1982              Wife of the 4th great-grandson

Peace-Sheppard, Laynna Rachell     02 May 2001             5th great-granddaughter

Pearson, Alicia Jo                                                                        Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Pederson, Vickie                                                                          Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Peel, Cecil                                                                                     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Perry, Bobby Joe                                   09 Aug 1941              2nd great-grandson

Perry, Brenda Jo                                    19 Sep 1964               3rd great-granddaughter

Perry, Carrie                                                                                 Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Perry, Cecil Brian                                  14 Aug 1954              3rd great-grandson

Perry, Christopher                                                                       4th great-grandson

Perry, Craig Ray                                    14 Dec 1961               3rd great-grandson

Perry, Darla Jean                                   26 May 1960             3rd great-granddaughter

Perry, Darwin Lee                                  11 Oct 1956               3rd great-grandson

Perry, David                                                                                 4th great-granddaughter

Perry, David John                                  18 Mar 1961              3rd great-grandson

Perry, Gail Denice                                  09 Apr 1958               3rd great-granddaughter

Perry, George Cleston                           29 Dec 1931               2nd great-grandson

Perry, Janice Lorean                             09 Apr 1958               3rd great-granddaughter

Perry, Jason                                                                                  4th great-grandson

Perry, John Lee                                      22 Jun 1910               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Perry, Lee Edward                                 28 Aug 1952              3rd great-grandson

Perry, LeRoy                                          29 Sep 1934               2nd great-grandson

Perry, Melissa                                                                              4th great-granddaughter

Perry, Mike                                                                                   4th great-grandson

Perry, Phillip Ray                                   29 Apr 1957               3rd great-grandson

Perry, Verna Lee                                    Abt. 1948                    Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Pessink, Melissa A.                                14 Nov 1983              Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Peter, ?                                                                                          Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Peterson, Arne Allen                             13 Dec 1952               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Peterson, Jordan Christian                   24 Feb 1983               4th great-grandson

Pettigrew, Conseula Renee                                                        3rd great-granddaughter

Pettigrew, Roy                                                                             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Petty, Billy Joe                                                                             2nd great-grandson

Petty, Donna Marie                              28 Oct 1937               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Petty, Jake                                                                                    3rd great-grandson

Petty, James Richard                                                                 2nd great-grandson

Petty, Jason                                                                                  3rd great-granddaughter

Petty, Jennie                                                                                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Petty, Johnny Clyde                                                                   Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Petty, Josh                                                                                    3rd great-grandson

Petty, Melissa                                                                              3rd great-granddaughter

Petty, Richard                                        1914                            Husband of the great-granddaughter

Petty, Susie                                                                                   2nd great-granddaughter

Pfenengar, Boy                                                                           4th great-grandson

Pfenengar, Boy                                                                           4th great-grandson

Pfenenger, Frank                                                                         Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Philips, Yvette Bertha                                                                Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Phillips, ?                                                                                       Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Phillips, ?                                                                                       Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Phillips, Aaron                                        Bet. 1934 - 1935       2nd great-grandson

Phillips, Alex Christian                         25 Apr 1991               4th great-grandson

Phillips, Andrea Joy                              29 Jul 1974                 4th great-granddaughter

Phillips, Boaz Eliezer                            29 Oct 1994               4th great-grandson

Phillips, Bobbie Michele                       20 Feb 1967               3rd great-granddaughter

Phillips, Cindy Lee                                07 Apr 1954               3rd great-granddaughter

Phillips, Daniel Nathan                         26 Aug 1971              3rd great-grandson

Phillips, Denise Lynn                            11 Jul 1959                 3rd great-granddaughter

Phillips, Elisabeth Ann                          01 Mar 1969              3rd great-granddaughter

Phillips, Ester                                          Bet. 1934 - 1935       2nd great-granddaughter

Phillips, Esther Hope                             10 Mar 1993              4th great-granddaughter

Phillips, Hope Danielle                         26 Aug 1996              4th great-granddaughter

Phillips, James Andrew                         25 Jan 1931               2nd great-grandson

Phillips, James Harrison Jr.                  02 Aug 1946              2nd great-grandson

Phillips, James Harrison Sr.                 02 Aug 1909              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Phillips, Julia Joy                                   28 Sep 1998               4th great-granddaughter

Phillips, Kendall David                         29 Nov 1944              2nd great-grandson

Phillips, Larry                                         05 Jul 1948                 2nd great-grandson

Phillips, Laura Michele                         25 Feb 1966               3rd great-granddaughter

Phillips, Lillie Bernice                            Abt. 1933                    2nd great-granddaughter

Phillips, Marrion Kenneth                    21 Oct 1937               2nd great-grandson

Phillips, Meda Faye                              11 Feb 1944               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Phillips, Mildred Vonnice                     Abt. 1953                    Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Phillips, Norma Jean                             01 Feb 1936               2nd great-granddaughter

Phillips, Paul Marrion                           02 Apr 1968               3rd great-grandson

Phillips, Paul Samuel                            02 Feb 1989               4th great-grandson

Phillips, Rachel Elaine                          11 Mar 1959              3rd great-granddaughter

Phillips, Ralph                                        09 Jun 1902               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Phillips, Rebekah Marie                       08 Sep 1963               3rd great-granddaughter

Phillips, Richard Dean                          06 Apr 1952               3rd great-grandson

Phillips, Richard Gordon                      08 Aug 1946              2nd great-grandson

Phillips, Robert James                          04 Apr 1951               3rd great-grandson

Phillips, Rose Lee                                  Abt. 1992                    4th great-granddaughter

Phillips, Tamara Kay                           29 Sep 1963               3rd great-granddaughter

Phillips, Tracy Lynn                              02 Jun 1993               4th great-granddaughter

Pierce, James Edward                           26 Jun 1929               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Piercy, Christopher Ronald                                                       4th great-grandson

Piercy, Kathleen Marie                        03 Jun 1970               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Pierucci, ?                                                                                     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Pigg, Daisy Marie                                  24 Aug 1921              Wife of the great-grandson

Pilanski, Barbara                                   04 Aug 1951              Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Pirlte, David Neal                                  06 Jul 1963                 Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Pischke, Rebecca Lynn                        06 May                       Wife of the 4th great-grandson

Pittman, Mildred                                   09 Jan 1913               Wife of the great-grandson

Pitts, Lois Alta                                        20 Jul 1917                 Wife of the great-grandson

Pomrick, Anne Tersa                            17 Sep 1917               Wife of the great-grandson

Pool, Eva                                                17 Aug 1900              Wife of the grandson

Porter, Lynn Roberta                            27 Nov 1955              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Postier, Boy                                                                                  3rd great-grandson

Postier, Paul David                                09 Apr 1964               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Potter, Ethel Irene                                 10 Jun 1925               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Potter, Kerry Diane                               20 Jul 1956                 Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Powell, Brandon Ray                                                                 Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Powell, Keeley Shae                             17 Mar 1999              5th great-granddaughter

Powell, Keylan William                        21 Oct 2006               5th great-grandson

Powell, Toni                                            10 Sep 1956               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Prescott, Deborah Lynn                       25 Jan 1954               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Proclomor, ?                                                                                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Protsman, Margare                               Abt. 1943                    Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Provost, Talitha Mae                            26 Aug 1929              Wife of the great-grandson

Qualls, Ed                                                                                     Husband of the great-granddaughter

Qualls, Jewell                                          24 Apr 1909               Wife of the grandson

Queen, Sherrie Lynn                             09 Feb 1964               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Quint, Johnnie Leonard                       23 Sep 1938               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

R., Danny                                               WFT Est. 1948-1971         2nd great-grandson

R., Jason                                                                                       3rd great-grandson

R., Ray                                                                                          Husband of the great-granddaughter

Ragan, Cletis                                                                               Wife of the great-grandson

Raiburn, Patrick Gene                          07 Aug 1981              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Raider, Sharon                                                                            Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Raines, Jennifer Lea                             06 Oct 1969               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Raines, Letha Lerlene                          10 Oct 1925               Wife of the great-grandson

Rainwater, Linda Kay                         09 Oct 1960               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Ramsey, Jazmine Dhayne                  29 Jun 2000               5th great-granddaughter

Ramsey, Kenneth JR. Alan                 28 Oct 1976               Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Raney, John                                                                                 Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Raney, Sarah Elizabeth                       02 Aug 2001              4th great-granddaughter

Ratliff, Patsy Nell                                  07 Sep 1933               Wife of the grandson

Rawls, ?                                                                                        Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Reagan, Chance Lee                            04 Mar 1971              2nd great-grandson

Reagan, Donna Lee                              13 Dec 1965               2nd great-granddaughter

Reagan, Guy George                            09 May 1941             Husband of the great-granddaughter

Reasor, Tina                                                                                Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Rector, Janice Marie                             26 Jun 1950               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Reece, Doug                                                                                 Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Reed, Arvin Lynn                                  18 Feb 1940               2nd great-grandson

Reed, Bill                                                                                      Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Reed, Billy                                                                                    3rd great-grandson

Reed, Charles Jess                                 21 Dec 1969               3rd great-grandson

Reed, Dawn                                            10 Jun                          3rd great-granddaughter

Reed, Gina Latrice                                03 Oct 1961               2nd great-granddaughter

Reed, Gregory Don                               26 Oct 1959               2nd great-grandson

Reed, Jason Trent                                                                       Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Reed, Jerrry Don                                    17 Oct 1938               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Reed, Josephine                                     18 Mar 1889              Ex-wife of the grandson

Reed, Julia Munday                             11 Apr 1977               3rd great-granddaughter

Reed, Kenny                                                                                3rd great-grandson

Reed, Mary Ellen                                  14 Sep 1874               Wife of the grandson

Reed, Patsy                                                                                  Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Reed, Ray Vaughn                               20 Nov                        Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Reed, Ronnie                                         02 Nov 1966              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Reed, Scott Edward                              28 Oct 1974               3rd great-grandson

Reed, Sharon Taylor                            31 Dec 1992               4th great-granddaughter

Reed, Tana Elizabeth                           23 Mar 1972              3rd great-granddaughter

Reed, Tony Glen                                   23 Mar 1945              2nd great-grandson

Reed, Tony Glenn Jr.                            02 Jun 1968               3rd great-grandson

Reed, Varney                                         20 Aug 1917              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Reed, Vaughn                                        03 Dec                         3rd great-grandson

Reed, William Randy                           31 Jul 1962                 3rd great-grandson

Reimer, Hugh Stanley                          01 Aug 1933              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Reimer, Larry Brandon                        04 Apr 1963               2nd great-grandson

Reimer, Timothy David                       29 Dec 1955               2nd great-grandson

Reine, Herman Joseph                         22 Sep 1921               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Renteria, Jessie                                                                            Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Renteria, Jessup Bernerd                     22 Oct 1993               3rd great-grandson

Renteria, Liz                                                                                Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Reynolds, A. J.                                                                             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Reynolds, Arlie Thomas                      25 Jan 1917               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Reynolds, Clinton Earnest                   03 Feb 1978               3rd great-grandson

Reynolds, Donald                                 02 May 1943             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Reynolds, Lea Ellen                              02 Jun 1969               3rd great-granddaughter

Reynolds, Patricia Sheryl                     21 Sep 1940               2nd great-granddaughter

Rhodes, Ivy                                            Abt. 1898                    Granddaughter

Rhodes, Mike                                                                              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Rhodes, Myrtle                                      Abt. 1892                    Granddaughter

Rhodes, Thomas                                   Abt. 1894                    Grandson

Rhodes, Walter                                      Abt. 1901                    Grandson

Richardson, Destiny                                                                   4th great-granddaughter

Richardson, Dustin C                           01 Jan 1978               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Richardson, Dylan                                                                      4th great-grandson

Richardson, Janet                                                                       Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Richardson, Jimmy Gene                    04 Aug 1963              3rd great-grandson

Richardson, Joyce Mozelle                                                       Wife of the great-grandson

Richardson, Judy Lavon                     15 Jun 1965               3rd great-granddaughter

Richardson, Kenneth Wayne                                                   Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Richardson, Tyler                                                                       4th great-grandson

Richmond, Sydney Margret                04 Sep 1943               Wife of the great-grandson

Riddley, Tonya                                                                           Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Ripley, Ryan                                          18 Jan 1993               4th great-grandson

Ripley, Sky                                             23 Sep 1995               4th great-grandson

Rippletoe, Jackie Darlene                    04 Aug 1951              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Robbins, Bonnie Lou                           05 Aug 1941              Great-granddaughter

Robbins, Claude Nelson                                                            Husband of the granddaughter

Robbins, Joanna                                                                         Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Robbins, Linda                                      30 Jan 1950               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Robbins, Patsy Nell                                                                    Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Robbins, Sandra Lee                                                                  Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Roberson, Lacy                                     17 Jun 1990               4th great-granddaughter

Roberts, ?                                                                                     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Roberts, David                                                                            Ex-husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Roberts, Madison Brooke                   15 Jul 1997                 3rd great-granddaughter

Roberts, Marvin                                                                          2nd great-grandson

Roberts, Raymond                                                                     Husband of the great-granddaughter

Robertson, David                                                                        Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Robinson, Gordon Lee                         22 Apr 1945               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Robinson, Michael Chance                 22 Sep 1969               3rd great-grandson

Rocha, Paul                                                                                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Rocha, Paul JR.                                                                           3rd great-grandson

Rocha, Shane                                                                              3rd great-grandson

Rocha, Shawn                                                                             3rd great-granddaughter

Rocha, Travis                                                                              3rd great-grandson

Rodden, Sandra Kay                                                                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Rodgers, Alvin Binard                          05 May 1950             2nd great-grandson

Rodgers, Byron David                          21 May 1949             2nd great-grandson

Rodgers, Charlotte Louise                   13 Jan 1948               2nd great-granddaughter

Rodgers, Ella Patricia                           30 Oct 1951               2nd great-granddaughter

Rodgers, Elza Byron                             14 Aug 1907              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Rodgers, Gracie Marie                          07 Apr 1942               2nd great-granddaughter

Rodgers, Lola Elaine                            16 Nov 1952              2nd great-granddaughter

Rodgers, Mary Ruth                             10 Sep 1943               2nd great-granddaughter

Rodgers, Nancy Margaret                   16 Sep 1956               2nd great-granddaughter

Rodgers, Roy Lee                                  21 Apr 1955               2nd great-grandson

Rodriguez, Renee                                                                        Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Rodriguez, Renee Nicole                      13 May 1992             4th great-granddaughter

Roher, Lee Marie                                  Abt. 1975                    Partner of the 2nd great-grandson

Rollins, Dora Marie                               29 Aug 1968              3rd great-granddaughter

Rollins, Roger Lynn                              09 Aug 1941              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Rollins, Roger Lynn                              27 Sep 1962               3rd great-grandson

Rollins, Sheila Lorene                           08 Apr 1964               3rd great-granddaughter

Roscoe, Betty Jean                               1953                            Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Roten, Carl Edward                              01 Nov 1958              Ex-husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Roten, Christy Jo                                   26 Sep 1979               3rd great-granddaughter

Roten, Sharlie Charrene Ruth             01 Aug 1987              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, A.L.                                        25 Aug 1933              Great-grandson

Rowland, Adaline Lucinda                 27 Oct 1885               Granddaughter

Rowland, Adam Wayne                      05 Mar 1980              3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Ader Emaline                       02 Dec 1893               Granddaughter

Rowland, Alex Aaron                           12 Mar 1912              Grandson

Rowland, Alice Marie                           Abt. 1929                    2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Alice Marie                           14 Feb 1977               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Alma                                     1905                            Granddaughter

Rowland, Alma Mae                            28 Dec 1941               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Almon                                   16 Sep 1920               Great-grandson

Rowland, Alpha Omieda                     08 Aug 1894              Grandson

Rowland, Alva Juanita                        13 Jun 1918               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Alvin William                       12 Nov 1937              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Amber Lynn                        03 Apr 1989               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Amon Alexander                08 Sep 1866               Son

Rowland, Angela Christine                                                       2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Angela Lanee                      14 Nov 1972              2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Anna Lee                              26 Sep 1933               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Annie May                           03 May 1896             Granddaughter

Rowland, Archie Orlean                       13 Feb 1932               Great-grandson

Rowland, Ashley                                   Abt. 1988                    3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Ashley Cee Jay                    07 Oct 1985               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Ashley Susan                       07 Jun 1989               4th great-granddaughter

Rowland, Ashton Gabrielle                 05 Dec 1999               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Austin                                    28 Dec 2001               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Austin William                     14 Sep 1908               Great-grandson

Rowland, Avery Daniel                        07 Jun 1942               Great-grandson

Rowland, Baby                                     09 Aug 1919              Great-grandchild

Rowland, Baby                                     29 Jan 1927               Great-grandson

Rowland, Bailey                                                                         4th great-granddaughter

Rowland, Barbara Ann                        13 May 1955             2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Barbara Kay                       Abt. 1962                    2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Barbara Lois                        29 Apr 1927               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Barbara Sherrill                                                         2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Barton Joseph                                                           2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Bay                                        24 Jul 1925                 Great-grandson

Rowland, Baynon                                                                      3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Benjamin Floyd                  19 Oct 1961               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Benjamin Thomas             15 Dec 2002               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Bertha Lena                         18 Feb 1935               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Bessie V.                               07 Jan 1896               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Betty Lou                                                                   Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Betty Marie                          29 Dec 1958               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Beuford L.                            15 Nov 1918              Great-grandson

Rowland, Beulah G.                             05 Jun 1914               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Billy Gene                             06 May 1942             Great-grandson

Rowland, Bobbie Lee Sr.                     13 Jun 1942               Great-grandson

Rowland, Bobby Lee Jr.                      30 Jan 1962               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Bonnie                                  13 Apr 1920               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Boy                                                                             3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Boy                                                                             3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Boy                                                                             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Brad                                      25 Aug 1968              3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Bradley Scott                       31 Mar 1973              3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Brady Clayton                    30 Aug 1999              3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Britt Andrew                                                              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Brittany Nicole                    21 Jul 1994                 4th great-granddaughter

Rowland, Bruce Edward                      01 Dec 1955               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Byron                                    26 Feb 1949               Great-grandson

Rowland, Cameron Brooks                23 May 1982             3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Candace Joy                        07 Mar 1988              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Carol Marie                          10 Feb 1960               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Carol Yvonne                      27 Jul 1948                 Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Carrie Anne                          27 Apr 1968               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Cecil Leon                            22 Nov 1925              Great-grandson

Rowland, Cecil Leon Jr.                       28 Apr 1952               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Chancelor Brett                   Oct 1983                     3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Charlene                               25 Jun 1962               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Charles Andrew                                                        3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Charles Edward                   04 Feb 1937               Great-grandson

Rowland, Charles Eston                      28 Jan 1940               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Charles Jefferson                05 Oct 1881               Grandson

Rowland, Charles Leon                       17 Jan 1945               Great-grandson

Rowland, Chesley Freeman                03 Dec 1942               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Chester James William      19 Feb 1916               Great-grandson

Rowland, Chevelle                                                                     5th great-granddaughter

Rowland, Cheyene                               21 Apr 1957               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Child                                                                           2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Child                                                                           3rd great-grandchild

Rowland, Child                                                                           3rd great-grandchild

Rowland, Child                                                                           3rd great-grandchild

Rowland, Child                                                                           3rd great-grandchild

Rowland, Child                                                                           2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Christa                                                                        2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Christie                                  02 Dec 1970               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Christine                               16 May                       2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Christopher                                                                5th great-grandson

Rowland, Christopher                          24 Jun 1989               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Christopher Brandon         05 Aug 1980              3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Christopher Charles            28 Dec 1959               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Christopher Scott                11 Oct 2000               4th great-grandson

Rowland, Claud George                       19 Oct 1927               Great-grandson

Rowland, Cody Wayne                       02 Aug 1978              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Courtney Marie                   01 Oct 1983               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Coy Cleatious                      06 Mar 1920              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Cruz Alan                             12 Oct 1997               4th great-grandson

Rowland, Daisy Jane                                                                 2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Dale                                       24 Jun 1949               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Dale Rodger                         08 Jul 1952                 2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Dalores Gean                       26 Dec 1937               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Daniel Anthony                                                        3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Daniel Cephis                      21 Feb 1923               Great-grandson

Rowland, Daniel Christopher              23 Jul 1960                 2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Daniel Paul                                                                2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Danny                                                                         3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Danny Mack                                                             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Darrel                                    01 Jun 1932               Great-grandson

Rowland, Darrel Lee                             22 Sep 1928               Great-grandson

Rowland, Darrel Webster                     26 Dec 1954               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Darrell Randolph                09 Mar 1925              Great-grandson

Rowland, David                                                                          2nd great-grandson

Rowland, David Dwayne                    17 Aug 1977              3rd great-grandson

Rowland, David Howard                     21 Jan 1955               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, David Joe                             18 Mar 1963              3rd great-grandson

Rowland, David Lee                             03 Jul 1937                 Great-grandson

Rowland, Dean                                                                           2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Debbie Ann                          10 Oct 1952               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Deborah Christina              26 Jul 1961                 2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Debra Lee                             06 May 1961             2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Delitha Florida                     28 Apr 1887               Granddaughter

Rowland, Delsie Betty                          26 Nov 1913              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Derrell Lynn                         08 May 1957             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Destia May                          19 May 1902             Granddaughter

Rowland, Donald Earl                          12 May 1946             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Donald Ray                         23 Aug 1944              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Donie Mae                           25 Nov 1921              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Donivan                                02 Sep 1977               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Donny                                                                         2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Dora                                      12 Sep 1891               Granddaughter

Rowland, Dora Lee                               Sep 1940                     Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Doralena L.                          09 Nov 1929              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Dorothy Wanita                  1923                            Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Dovie Elizabeth                   03 Apr 1922               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Doyle Manford Jr.              01 Mar 1942              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Doyle Manford Sr.              15 Aug 1915              Great-grandson

Rowland, Doyle Nealey                       08 Aug 1955              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Doyle Paul                            20 May 1940             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Drenda Gayle                      07 May 1972             3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Dusy                                      Jun 1959                     2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Dyanna Ray                        07 Jun 1972               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Earl Dean                             09 Feb 1943               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Earl Lloyd                                                                  Great-grandson

Rowland, Earl Loyd                             16 Nov 1922              Great-grandson

Rowland, Earl Loyd Jr.                        20 Jul 1947                 2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Eddy Joe                               21 Feb                         Great-grandson

Rowland, Edith Eileen                          12 Oct 1928               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Edith Leudene                     24 Aug 1929              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Edna Carolyn                      09 Nov 1950              2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Edna Darlene                       23 Sep 1949               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Edna Lorean                        31 Mar 1911              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Edna Marie                          06 Mar 1906              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Effie Angeline                      14 Nov 1891              Granddaughter

Rowland, Elbert Alvin                                                                2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Elizabeth Daniel                  13 Apr 2007               4th great-granddaughter

Rowland, Ella Marie                             Abt. 15 Jul 1933        Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Elster                                     1915                            Great-grandson

Rowland, Ema L.                                  08 Apr 1912               Granddaughter

Rowland, Emma Sue                           17 Jul 1933                 Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Enis                                        10 Jan 1922               Great-grandson

Rowland, Era May                               20 Apr 1903               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Eric Browning                      15 Dec 1970               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Erlene Amond                     18 Jul 1930                 Great-grandson

Rowland, Eston Winford                     20 Aug 1917              Great-grandson

Rowland, Ethan                                    23 Jan 1991               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Ethel Easter                          23 Apr 1905               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Eugene Loyd                       28 May 1946             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Eva                                                                              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Eva Janell                             27 Mar 1944              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Evelyne                                 12 Nov 1943              2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Everett Delon                       04 Feb 1940               Great-grandson

Rowland, Ezra Eugene                         31 Oct                          Great-grandson

Rowland, Faith Evalee Marie             19 Dec 1995               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Ferman Wayne                   18 Nov 1942              Great-grandson

Rowland, Flora Jane                             03 Feb 1879               Daughter

Rowland, Frances Janette                   23 Feb 1942               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Franklin Wayne                  22 Jun 1966               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Freeman Warren                 17 Jul 1939                 Great-grandson

Rowland, Freeman William                17 May 1918             Great-grandson

Rowland, Freida Ann                           18 Jun 1963               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Gary Dee                              18 Nov 1954              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Gary V                                  21 Aug 1949              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, George Andrew                    09 Aug 1904              Grandson

Rowland, George Henry                      29 Sep 1878               Grandson

Rowland, George Washington            1826                            Self

Rowland, George Washington Jr.       27 Nov 1863              Son

Rowland, Ginger Lynn                         20 Apr 1964               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Girl                                         31 Oct 1947               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Girl                                         30 Nov 1983              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Gladys Eliouse                     15 Feb 1929               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Glen Dale                              15 Jul 1928                 Great-grandson

Rowland, Glen Isaac                            15 Jan 1922               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Glenda C                              08 Jun 1945               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Gracie Bernice                     13 Jan 1925               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Grover Cleveland                15 Feb 1917               Grandson

Rowland, Hannah Lanea                    25 Mar 1995              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Harley Edward                    24 Sep 1885               Grandson

Rowland, Harold Henry                      27 Jul 1931                 Great-grandson

Rowland, Harold Nathan                    01 Jun 1932               Great-grandson

Rowland, Harrison Webster                17 Feb 1912               Great-grandson

Rowland, Harvey                                  30 Aug 1906              Grandson

Rowland, Hazel Berneice                    11 Nov 1913              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Heather Marie                     11 Dec 1979               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Helen Virginia                      05 Sep 1935               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Herbert                                  24 Aug 1939              Great-grandson

Rowland, Herbert Zane                                                             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Herman Ray                        26 Aug 1936              Great-grandson

Rowland, Hershel Andrew                   12 Jul 1928                 Great-grandson

Rowland, Hester                                    19 Mar 1910              Granddaughter

Rowland, Hiedie Dawn                        10 Oct 1982               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Hiram Daniel                       02 Feb 1897               Grandson

Rowland, Hollie DeYon                       07 Jul 1975                 3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Horace Greeley                   15 Jan 1889               Grandson

Rowland, Howard Washington          21 Jun 1931               Great-grandson

Rowland, Ida Emaline                         02 Jun 1913               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Irvin                                       1910                            Great-grandson

Rowland, Isabel                                    21 Mar 1897              Granddaughter

Rowland, J. D. "Jake"                           11 Feb 1934               Great-grandson

Rowland, Jackie                                                                          2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Jacob Browning                  18 Mar 1997              3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Jake                                       28 Jul 1992                 4th great-grandson

Rowland, James Almon                       15 Nov 1942              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, James Bradly                       25 Aug 1968              3rd great-grandson

Rowland, James Melton                      18 Jan 1856               Son

Rowland, James Ray                           15 May 1970             3rd great-grandson

Rowland, James Raymond                 21 Apr 1947               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, James W.                              09 Sep 1878               Grandson

Rowland, Jami Lyle                              20 Mar 1978              4th great-grandson

Rowland, Jamie Renea                                                              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Janice Lucille                       02 Feb 1949               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Jason Dakota                                                            3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Jason Lee                                                                   2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Jay W.                                                                         3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Jaydan Bradly                     02 Jan 1998               4th great-grandson

Rowland, Jeff                                        20 Jul 1974                 3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Jeffrey Jumon                     20 Jul 1974                 3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Jeffrey Ray                                                                3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Jennifer Kelley                    01 Jul 1980                 3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Jerimiah Luther Vanburen                                      02 Jan 1907  Great-grandson

Rowland, Jerry Darrel                           Dec 1955                    2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Jerry Lee                               15 May 1947             Great-grandson

Rowland, Jesse Edgar                           26 Dec 1900               Grandson

Rowland, Jesse Loyd                            18 Jun 1925               Great-grandson

Rowland, Jessica Lynn                        14 Sep 1989               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Jessica Michelle                   15 Apr 1983               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Jewel Lorine                         10 Jun 1927               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Jewell Dean                          01 Aug 1939              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Jimmy Lee                           15 Apr 1952               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Jo Ann                                   18 Apr 1937               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Jo Ann                                   01 Mar 1951              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Jodi Camille                         16 Aug 1989              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Joe Leland                            04 Dec 1957               Great-grandson

Rowland, John David                           08 Feb 1960               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, John G                                   Abt. 1869                    Son

Rowland, John Kinslin                                                               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, John Matthew                     20 Jul 1966                 3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Johnna Kay                                                               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Johnny Alex                         04 Mar 1935              Great-grandson

Rowland, Johnny Alex Jr.                    24 Oct 1960               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Jonathan Saul                     21 Aug 1970              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Joseph Lum                         30 May 1960             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Joyce                                                                           2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Julia                                       30 Mar 1924              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Justin Ryan                          27 Sep 1993               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, K.J.                                                                              3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Karen Lunell                        10 Jan 1958               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Karma Ellen                        05 Aug 1969              2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Katelyn                                                                      4th great-granddaughter

Rowland, Kathern Irene                      10 Nov 1946              2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Katie Lee                              18 Jul 1981                 2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Kaylee Camile                    22 Aug 1990              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Keith Edward                      07 Apr 1963               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Kelly Denice                        27 Jan 1964               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Kenneth Lester                    01 Nov 1947              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Kevin Franklin                    08 May 1971             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Kristen Blake                       24 Jan 1995               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Kristi Karol                          24 Dec 1962               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Kyle Allen                            08 Aug 1990              4th great-grandson

Rowland, Laramy Adam                                                          3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Larry Austin                         15 Oct 1949               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Larry Dean                           23 Jan 1954               Great-grandson

Rowland, Larry Dewayne                                                         2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Larry Paul                            27 Nov 1955              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Latricia Dawn                      29 Jun 1972               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Laura Katherine                 13 Jul 1990                 3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Laura Marie                                                              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Lauri Zhanae                       15 Jan 1967               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Lela Mae                              11 May 1922             Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Lena Bell                              28 Sep 1907               Granddaughter

Rowland, Leroy James                        26 Feb                         Great-grandson

Rowland, Leslie JoAnn                        01 Jul 1982                 2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Lester Ralph Douglas                                              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Lester Wilburn                     07 Nov 1924              Great-grandson

Rowland, Linda Carolyn                     11 Feb 1952               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Linda Faye                           01 Oct 1950               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Linda Gayle                                                               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Linda Joan                           30 Dec 1953               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Linda Sue                             31 Dec 1946               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Lindy Allen                          27 Aug 1958              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Lisa Ann                                                                     2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Lola Marie                           16 Mar 1911              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Lonie Thomas                     13 Apr 1920               Great-grandson

Rowland, Lonna Kaye                                                              2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Lori Lynn                             29 Mar 1960              2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Louie Mack                         03 Jun 1939               Great-grandson

Rowland, Louise Gail                           07 Mar 1954              2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Loyal Alfred                        08 Aug 1955              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Loyd Robert                        22 Feb 1944               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Lucille Angela                      08 May 1941             Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Lula Jane                              17 May 1894             Granddaughter

Rowland, Lum Washington                07 May 1905             Grandson

Rowland, Lynda Carol                        05 Jan 1942               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Maegan Dawn                     30 Aug 1981              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Mamie Lenora                    10 Oct 1913               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Marjorie Ruby                     06 Jul 1929                 Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Mark                                                                           2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Mark Allen                           12 Oct 1965               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Martha Faye                        31 Oct 1962               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Martha Jane                        16 Jan 1945               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Marvin                                  18 Mar                        2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Mary Ann                             25 Aug 1940              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Mary Ann                             25 Dec 1948               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Mary Ann Elizabeth           24 Oct 1931               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Mary Elizabeth                   28 Aug 1894              Granddaughter

Rowland, Mary Elizabeth                   15 Dec 1942               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Mary Ellen                           17 Feb 1861               Daughter

Rowland, Mary Jane                            01 Dec 1957               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Mary Lorene                        06 Dec 1940               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Mary Louise                        18 Feb                         Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Mary Michell                                                             3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Mary Murieldean                07 Aug 1939              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Mary Ruth                           28 Jun 1957               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Mathew James                    20 Apr 1984               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Matthew                               01 Sep 1977               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Mattie Lou                           06 May 1927             Great-granddaughter

Rowland, May Magdalene                 26 Feb 1956               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Melissa Ann                                                               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Melissa Bobylene               12 May 1935             2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Merle Franklin                     26 Aug 1923              Great-grandson

Rowland, Merle Franklin Jr.                24 May 1956             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Micalea                                 1977                            3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Michael David                     12 Sep 1974               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Mida Ongie                          10 Feb 1916               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Mildred Doris                       20 Oct 1930               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Minnie Melvinia                  07 Sep 1901               Granddaughter

Rowland, Misty Lee                             11 May 1970             3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Nealey                                   03 Apr 1908               Grandson

Rowland, Nellie Jean                            24 Oct 1941               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Nessie Adaline                     19 Oct 1907               Granddaughter

Rowland, Nicholas                                                                     2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Nicholas Jeremiah              27 Feb 1858               Son

Rowland, Nicholas Ray                       21 Dec 2006               4th great-grandson

Rowland, Nicholas Warren                 31 Oct 1904               Grandson

Rowland, Nicholas Wayne                  18 Sep 1964               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Nichole Grace                      11 Jul 1986                 3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Nick Austin                          15 Apr 1980               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Nikki Lee                              20 Feb 1982               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Nora                                      18 Apr 1902               Granddaughter

Rowland, Norma                                                                        Wife of the great-grandson

Rowland, Norma Lou                          08 Jan 1946               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Nub                                        08 May 1957             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Oma L.                                  15 Mar 1915              Granddaughter

Rowland, Omer                                     03 Oct 1917               Great-grandson

Rowland, Ora                                         1906                            Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Orba Henry                          26 Dec 1908               Grandson

Rowland, Patricia Ann                                                               Wife of the great-grandson

Rowland, Patricia Ann                         30 Mar 1940              2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Patricia Ann                         19 Jan 1948               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Patsy Diana                         08 Jan 1952               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Paul                                       20 Aug 1933              Great-grandson

Rowland, Paul Alex                              10 Feb 1959               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Paul Edward                        01 Nov 1965              3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Paula Frances                      19 Jul 1948                 2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Paulette Merle                     10 Feb 1956               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Philip                                     02 Dec 1898               Grandson

Rowland, Phillip Eugene                      06 Apr 1971               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Plais Rosebural                    12 Sep 1913               Grandson

Rowland, Preston Byron                      30 May 1980             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Rachelle Kay                       18 Jun 1972               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Randall Delon                     21 Oct 1965               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Randy Bruce                       21 Mar 1955              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Raquel Gail                          07 Aug 1983              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Raze Green                          07 Mar 1937              Great-grandson

Rowland, Rena Bell                              17 Feb 1899               Granddaughter

Rowland, Retha                                    1924                            Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Revae Marie                        1975                            3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Rhonda Kay                        20 Jun 1966               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Rhonda Renee                    18 Jun 1972               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Richard Gary                       01 Feb 1957               Great-grandson

Rowland, Ricky Andy                          09 Nov 1950              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Rita Belle                              11 May                       Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Robert Lee                           13 Jan 1872               Son

Rowland, Robert Ray                          11 May 1967             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Robert Weldon                    20 Jun 1953               Great-grandson

Rowland, Rocky J.                                04 Dec 1977               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Roma Joan                                                                Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Romain                                                                      2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Ronald Jack                                                              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Ronald Lesly                       27 Feb 1954               Great-grandson

Rowland, Rosa Lea                              18 Mar 1967              2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Rosa Lee                              25 Aug 1930              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Rouie Jack                           03 Jun 1939               Great-grandson

Rowland, Roy Gene                             10 Jan 1939               Great-grandson

Rowland, Roy Webster                                                              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Roy William                         08 May 1921             Great-grandson

Rowland, Ruby Estelle                         13 May 1920             Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Ruby Jean                            27 Dec 1923               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Ruby Jean                            08 Mar 1954              2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Ruby Lee                              09 Sep 1927               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Ruby Ruth                           18 Nov 1922              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Ruey Claburn                      29 Oct 1903               Grandson

Rowland, Ruey Darrell                         18 Oct 1996               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Russel Eloy                          23 Jul 1972                 3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Ryan Christopher               Dec 1997                    4th great-grandson

Rowland, Sanford                                                                      Great-grandson

Rowland, Saxon Jumon                      22 Aug 1996              4th great-grandson

Rowland, Scott                                                                            2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Scott Charles                       10 Feb 1969               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Scott Ray                             18 Feb 1969               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Seth Aaron                                                                 2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Shana Morgan                    09 Jun 1992               4th great-granddaughter

Rowland, Shanna                                 20 Aug 1982              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Shannon                                                                     2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Shannon Doyle                   17 Oct 1975               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Shannon Neil                                                             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Shawn Hunter                     13 Sep 1985               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Sheila Marie                         01 Jan 1978               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Shelly Annette                     13 Jan 1970               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Shelly Kathleen                   23 Feb 1954               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Sherri Lynn                          05 Sep 1960               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Sherrye L.                             03 Aug 1965              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Sheryl Lynn                                                               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Shirley                                   Abt. 1959                    2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Shirley Jannette                   12 Sep 1936               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Skyanne Elice                      13 Aug 1990              4th great-granddaughter

Rowland, Staci Lynn                            14 Apr 1985               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Stephanie Lorraine             08 Feb 1982               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Stephanie Maria                 27 Jul 1976                 3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Stephen Mark                      24 Aug 1967              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Stephen Thomas                 17 Feb 1959               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Steven Everett                     18 Aug 1971              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Tanner Allen                        22 Jan 1987               4th great-grandson

Rowland, Tarah Grace                         05 Dec 1990               3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Taylor                                   Abt. 1992                    3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Teddy Ray                                                                 2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Teeny                                    27 Aug 1958              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Teri J.                                     18 Jul 1962                 2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Thelma Jean                        10 May 1924             2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Thelma Jean                        10 Apr 1948               2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Thomas Clay                       28 Nov 1955              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Thomas Elbert                     13 May 1892             Grandson

Rowland, Thomas Elbert Jr.                28 May 1926             Great-grandson

Rowland, Thomas Henry                    20 Feb 1892               Grandson

Rowland, Tiffany Lee                          30 Aug 1990              3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Timothy William                 11 Apr 1982               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Tina                                                                             2nd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Tina Rene                             17 Jul 1985                 3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Tommy Claburn                 30 Nov 1968              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Tony Ray                                                                   3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Tracy Thomas                     20 Aug 1963              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Tressa Muriel                       03 Jan 1940               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Trice Aaron                                                                2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Tyler James                          23 Jan 2001               4th great-grandson

Rowland, Vance Layne                       07 Aug 1952              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Vellie Jackson                      31 Mar 1905              Grandson

Rowland, Velma Masadie                   Unknown                    Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Vern                                       08 Jan 1929               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Vernon Earl                          26 Oct 1968               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Vickie Lynn                         06 Sep 1956               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Victoria                                                                       3rd great-granddaughter

Rowland, Virginia Christine                17 Mar 1938              Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Wade                                                                          2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Wanda Sue                          01 Sep 1955               Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Wendell Loyd                      14 Dec 1947               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Wendell Shane                    16 Feb 1968               3rd great-grandson

Rowland, William Amon                     09 Mar 1900              Grandson

Rowland, William Carl                         05 Feb 1945               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, William Daniel                     26 Sep 1889               Grandson

Rowland, William Daniel                     05 May 1950             2nd great-grandson

Rowland, William Ezra                        23 Jan 1911               Grandson

Rowland, William Floyd                      01 Jul 1949                 Great-grandson

Rowland, William Henry                     08 Oct 1853               Son

Rowland, William Kiley                       16 Dec 1888               Grandson

Rowland, William Seth                                                              2nd great-grandson

Rowland, William Seth Elijah             04 Sep 1898               Great-grandson

Rowland, Willie Mae                            25 Apr 1914               Granddaughter

Rowland, Wilma Marie                        08 Jul 1931                 Great-granddaughter

Rowland, Winston Gene                      24 Sep 1965               2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Zachariah Neil                     06 Aug 1997              3rd great-grandson

Rowland, Zane                                                                            2nd great-grandson

Rowland, Zella M                                 13 May 1900             Granddaughter

Russell, Karen                                        15 Apr 1960               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Ruth, Calvin Wesley III                       25 Apr 1991               3rd great-grandson

Ruth, Calvin Wesley Jr.                        13 Oct 1959               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Ruth, Jennifer N.                                   1987                            3rd great-granddaughter

Ryan, Charlon Elizabeth                     20 Jan 1945               2nd great-granddaughter

Ryan, Ray L.                                                                               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Sadage, Jamie Lynn                             07 Apr 1983               4th great-granddaughter

Sadage, Jeffery                                      Abt. 1960                    Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Saldivar, Pedro                                      18 Jul 1946                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Saldivar, Pedro Jr.                                 03 Jun 1982               3rd great-grandson

Sanchez, Gina                                        03 May 1971             3rd great-granddaughter

Sanchez, Laura                                     18 Jan 1976               3rd great-granddaughter

Sanchez, Ray                                                                              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Sanders, Darren Wesly Lee                 27 Apr 1967               Ex-husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Sanders, Deana Renee                         02 Oct 1977               3rd great-granddaughter

Sanders, Jamie Michell                        17 Jan 1966               3rd great-granddaughter

Sanders, Jeffrey Scott                          24 Oct 1965               3rd great-grandson

Sanders, Media Cornelious                 05 Aug 1904              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Sanders, Media Cornelious Jr.            27 Nov 1946              2nd great-grandson

Sanders, Nathaneal Brently Lee        13 Jul 1991                 3rd great-grandson

Sanders, Peggy Ello                               08 Jun 1943               Wife of the great-grandson

Sanders, Teddy Ray                                                                   Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Sanders, Teddy Ray Jr.                        24 Jul 1975                 3rd great-grandson

Sandlin, Derek Scott                             19 Nov 1979              4th great-grandson

Sandlin, Jerry Dale                                                                      Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Sanger, Rebecca Ann                                                                 Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Saveall, Adam Lewis                            30 Sep 2000               4th great-grandson

Saveall, Arvin                                        05 Mar 1930              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Saveall, Delmon Keith                         01 May 1949             2nd great-grandson

Saveall, Delmon Keith Jr.                    27 Sep 1969               3rd great-grandson

Saveall, James Dillard                          26 Feb 1964               3rd great-grandson

Saveall, Karley                                                                            4th great-granddaughter

Saveall, Kelsey Marie                          Sep 2003                     4th great-granddaughter

Saveall, Linley Kathryn                       22 Aug 2002              4th great-granddaughter

Saveall, Meda                                        WFT Est. 1874-1893         Wife of the grandson

Scarlett, Mary A.                                   1939                            Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Schiffbauer, ?                                                                              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Schiffbauer, Glenn Norman                13 Dec 1957               2nd great-grandson

Schley, Andrew Nelson                        02 Jun 1994               5th great-grandson

Schley, Eric Matthew                                                                 Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Schlichter, Dale A.                                 09 Jul 1958                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Schlichter, Gregory Alan                      02 Feb 1989               3rd great-grandson

Schoonover, Vicki Y.                                                                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Schrag, Bary                                                                                Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Schuermann, Alissa Leigh                   26 Jul 1980                 3rd great-granddaughter

Schuermann, Dave                               10 Jul 1949                 Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Schuermann, Travis                             15 Dec 1978               3rd great-grandson

Scott, Kimberly Sue                              30 Aug 1980              3rd great-granddaughter

Scott, Leslie S.                                        1970                            Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Scott, Ola                                                15 Oct 1918               Wife of the great-grandson

Scott, William Lloyd                             05 Dec 1947               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Scott, William Lloyd II                        13 Feb 1987               3rd great-grandson

Scrudder, James Frederick III                                                  Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Scrudder, James Frederick IV             08 Oct 1970               3rd great-grandson

Scrudder, Timothy Christopher          25 Jun 1969               3rd great-grandson

Sears, Barbara                                                                             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Seilhan, Billy                                                                                4th great-grandson

Seilhan, Daniel                                                                            Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Seilhan, David                                                                             4th great-grandson

Seilhan, Jenny Marie                                                                  4th great-granddaughter

Selman, Colan                                                                             4th great-grandchild

Selman, Dave Murff                            18 Aug 1965              3rd great-grandson

Selman, Debbie Ruth                           31 Oct 1970               3rd great-granddaughter

Selman, Donna Kay                             25 Jan 1971               3rd great-granddaughter

Selman, Heather Denise                                                            4th great-granddaughter

Selman, Katherine Elizabeth              24 Oct 1989               4th great-granddaughter

Selman, Willis Murff III                      28 Aug 1964              3rd great-grandson

Selman, Willis Murff Jr.                       13 Nov 1933              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Sexton, Heather Marie                         23 Dec 1986               3rd great-granddaughter

Sexton, Mason Hunter                                                              3rd great-grandson

Sexton, Michael Jay                             05 Nov 1962              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Shannon, David Louis                                                               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Shannon, LeAna Suzanne                  30 Sep 1980               3rd great-granddaughter

Shatswell, Dawn Elesa                         09 Aug 1961              3rd great-granddaughter

Shatswell, Earl Vernon                         02 Aug 1928              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Shatswell, Felicia G.                              03 Feb 1963               3rd great-granddaughter

Shaw, Pauline                                        05 May 1945             Wife of the great-grandson

Shaw, Wanda                                        10 Apr 1947               Wife of the great-grandson

Shellnut, Angel Eugena                        06 Aug 1975              3rd great-granddaughter

Shellnut, Anita D.                                  15 May 1960             3rd great-granddaughter

Shellnut, Bruce Albert                          27 Aug 1964              3rd great-grandson

Shellnut, Diana Lynn                           11 Jul 1973                 3rd great-granddaughter

Shellnut, Donna Darnell                       03 Jan 1963               3rd great-granddaughter

Shellnut, Dorothy Fai                           28 Mar 1941              2nd great-granddaughter

Shellnut, Edith Lorean                         04 Jun 1932               2nd great-granddaughter

Shellnut, Glenn Edward                       15 Apr 1946               2nd great-grandson

Shellnut, Jena Theodore                      14 Apr 1910               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Shellnut, Kenneth Jena                        23 Apr 1963               3rd great-grandson

Shellnut, Kenneth Ray                         02 Feb 1943               2nd great-grandson

Shellnut, Linda Fay                              08 Nov 1948              2nd great-granddaughter

Shellnut, Thomas Lee Jr.                     06 May 1962             3rd great-grandson

Shellnut, Thomas Lee Sr.                     21 Nov 1938              2nd great-grandson

Shellnut, Tina L.                                    16 Aug 1964              3rd great-granddaughter

Shellnut, Vernice Valalee                     06 May 1936             2nd great-granddaughter

Sheppard, Kaden Nickolas                 21 Aug 2004              5th great-grandson

Sheppard, Kim R.                                 23 Mar 1957              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Sheppard, Shawn Patrick                    15 Sep 1983               4th great-grandson

Sheppard, Velma Clair                         27 Dec 1935               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Sherman, Don                                                                             Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Shipman, Huey Dale                            Abt. 1999                    3rd great-grandson

Shipman, Mary Belle                           30 May 1930             Wife of the great-grandson

Short, Betty Lou                                                                         Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Short, James M.                                                                          Husband of the great-granddaughter

Shriver, Child                                                                               5th great-grandchild

Shriver, Christopher                                                                    5th great-grandson

Shriver, Christopher Steven                 08 Oct 1974               4th great-grandson

Shriver, Steven Douglas                       09 Nov 1953              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Shriver, Todd Michael                          28 Feb 1981               4th great-grandson

Sietesma, Clayton                                                                      Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Silva, Mike                                                                                   Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Silva, Stephanie                                                                          3rd great-granddaughter

Simmons, Ashlie Nicole                                                             3rd great-granddaughter

Simmons, Ralph                                                                         Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Simmons, Ricky                                    06 Oct 1960               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Simons, Amy Lachelle                         11 Nov 1980              4th great-granddaughter

Simons, William Howard                     19 Jan 1965               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Sitz, Barbara Jean                                 24 Jul 1954                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Sizemore, Kyle                                                                            Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Skye, ?                                                                                          Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Slaten, Lena Christelle                         19 Oct 1978               3rd great-granddaughter

Slaten, Lewis Clifton                            12 Feb 1941               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Slay, Joe Pat                                           18 Mar 1960              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Smidth, Barbara                                                                         Wife of the great-grandson

Smith, Boy                                                                                   4th great-grandson

Smith, Carl Danial                                10 Apr 1982               4th great-grandson

Smith, Cindy                                          04 Mar 1970              Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Smith, Danial Eugene                           27 Jul 1953                 Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Smith, Ella Sue                                      28 May 1941             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Smith, Frank                                                                                Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Smith, Gordon                                                                             Husband of the great-granddaughter

Smith, Gordon Thomas Jr.                                                        Husband of the great-granddaughter

Smith, Joe                                                                                     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Smith, Joseph Leonard                                                              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Smith, Juanita Marie                                                                  Wife of the great-grandson

Smith, Leonard Joseph                        13 Jun 1982               3rd great-grandson

Smith, Lisa Diane                                  01 Jun 1971               2nd great-granddaughter

Smith, Mark Timothy                          03 Feb 1958               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Smith, Mary Elizabeth                         24 Dec 1983               4th great-granddaughter

Smith, Rebecca A                                 Abt. 1968                    Ex-wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Smith, Sherry Angela                            06 Sep 1961               2nd great-granddaughter

Smith, Tifanie Diane                            16 Nov 1976              4th great-granddaughter

Smith, Wilburn                                                                            4th great-grandson

Snider, Jimmy Dale                                                                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Snider, Jimmy Dale Jr.                          02 Jun 1972               3rd great-grandson

South, Eddie Austin                              11 Mar 1951              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

South, Rachel Elizabeth                      14 Apr 1984               3rd great-granddaughter

Souza, Tony                                                                                Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Sowders, Heather Michele                   06 Sep 1983               4th great-granddaughter

Sowders, Jamie Paul                             15 Feb 1962               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Sparkman, Kayla Anne                       05 Jan 1987               4th great-granddaughter

Sparkman, Robert Henry                    21 Jan 1960               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Sparkman, Robert Henry Jr.               25 Jul 1991                 4th great-grandson

Sparks, Thomas                                    26 Jul 1935                 Husband of the great-granddaughter

Spearman, Angela Mae                       26 Sep 1968               3rd great-granddaughter

Spearman, Carol Sue                           08 Jul 1966                 3rd great-granddaughter

Spearman, Hunter Eugene                  21 Oct 2006               4th great-grandson

Spearman, Pamela Denise                  03 Mar 1965              3rd great-granddaughter

Spearman, Roland E.                           12 Mar 1938              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Spearman, Roy Eugene                       28 Jan 1970               3rd great-grandson

Spears, Margie                                                                             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Spivey, ?                                                                                       Husband of the great-granddaughter

Spring, Charles                                       Abt. 1969                    Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Spring, Jessica Lee                                21 Sep 1991               4th great-granddaughter

Spring, Joseph Daniel                           22 Nov 1989              4th great-grandson

Spurlock, Stacie                                     26 Sep 1982               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Stachey, Corene                                    20 Oct 1921               Wife of the great-grandson

Stachey, Howard Ray                          24 Mar 1926              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Stachey, Howard Ray Jr.                     02 Jul 1958                 2nd great-grandson

Stachey, Pamela Jeanette                   22 May 1954             2nd great-granddaughter

Stachey, Patricia Annette                    24 Oct 1951               2nd great-granddaughter

Stafford, Laura Sheryl                         27 Nov 1959              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Staggs, Conne Lee                                29 Dec 1949               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Staggs, Daniel Webster                         06 Jul 2005                 4th great-grandson

Staggs, Raymond Donald Jr.                                                    Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Staggs, Tony McDonald                      01 Nov 1954              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Staley, Bill                                                                                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Standerfer, Ada Eva Lee                     12 Jun 1885               Wife of the grandson

Standifer, Jason Tyler                          01 Mar 1987              4th great-grandson

Standifer, Justin Scott                          24 Jan 1985               4th great-grandson

Standifer, Scott Dudley                        21 Jun 1963               Ex-husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Stanley, Brigette Lea                            11 Nov 1958              3rd great-granddaughter

Stanley, Christy June                            17 Jan 1961               3rd great-granddaughter

Stanley, Lud Drew                                19 Sep 1932               2nd great-grandson

Stanley, Margaret Ellen                       01 Sep 1934               2nd great-granddaughter

Stanley, Ollie                                          WFT Est. 1884-1912         Husband of the great-granddaughter

Stanridge, Gale Don                              26 Apr 1951               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Stanton, Jennifer Joy                            1977                            Ex-wife of the 4th great-grandson

Stefenhagen, Simone                           30 Aug 1966              Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Stengle, Richard                                                                          Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Stevens, Child                                        Nov 1983                    4th great-grandchild

Stevens, Jennie Lynn                            18 Mar 1959              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Stevens, Mary Ann                               15 May 1954             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Stevens, Stanley Earl                            18 Apr 1936               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Stevens, Teresa Lynn                           30 Jul 1960                 3rd great-granddaughter

Stevens, Terry Lee                                02 Feb 1963               3rd great-grandson

Stevens, Tony Loran                            13 Jul 1965                 3rd great-grandson

Stewart, Amber Chantel                      04 Jan 1980               4th great-granddaughter

Stewart, Cathy Mae                             21 Jan 1944               2nd great-granddaughter

Stewart, David Wesley                         08 Jul                           3rd great-grandson

Stewart, Dorothy Ruth                         10 Sep 1941               2nd great-granddaughter

Stewart, Floyd Wesley                          26 Sep 1927               2nd great-grandson

Stewart, James William                        27 May 1947             2nd great-grandson

Stewart, John Edward                          Abt. 1960                    Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Stewart, Kim Marie                              23 Jun                          3rd great-granddaughter

Stewart, Lloyd Cecil                             01 Jul 1929                 2nd great-grandson

Stewart, Lonnie Wesley                       10 Jul 1905                 Husband of the great-granddaughter

Stewart, Manon                                                                          3rd great-grandson

Stewart, Mervin Kenneth                    01 Feb 1934               2nd great-grandson

Stewart, Mickey                                                                          3rd great-grandson

Stewart, Mickey Lynn                                                               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Stewart, Rebecca Ann                          03 Nov 1965              3rd great-granddaughter

Stewart, Ruby Marie                            30 Apr 1931               2nd great-granddaughter

Stilley, Debra                                                                               2nd great-granddaughter

Stilley, Gene                                                                                 Husband of the great-granddaughter

Stilley, Ricky                                                                                2nd great-grandson

Stilley, Steve                                                                                2nd great-grandson

Stinson, ?                                                                                      Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Stinson, Chanel Sue                              07 Jan 2000               4th great-granddaughter

Stinson, Sincere Alan                            23 Jul 2001                 4th great-grandson

Stinson, Tami Carnelle                         22 Apr 1972               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Stokes, Ruby Jean                                26 Mar 1936              Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Stone, Crystal Louise                           20 Aug 1984              4th great-granddaughter

Stone, Jack Edward                                                                    Ex-husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Stone, Neva                                                                                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Storms, Cherie Janet                             04 Oct 1971               2nd great-granddaughter

Storms, Edward Wayne                                                             Husband of the great-granddaughter

Storms, Janet Cherie                             04 Oct 1972               3rd great-granddaughter

Storms, Lisa Anne                                 27 Jul 1970                 3rd great-granddaughter

Storms, Lori Dianne                              03 Oct 1974               3rd great-granddaughter

Storms, Marilyn                                                                          2nd great-granddaughter

Storms, Teresa Ann                              20 Aug 1961              2nd great-granddaughter

Storms, Wayne Edward                       01 Sep 1953               2nd great-grandson

Story, Regina Leight                             05 Mar 1957              3rd great-granddaughter

Story, Rufus Alan                                 24 Mar 1954              3rd great-grandson

Story, Rufus Edward                            16 Sep 1933               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Stowe, Johnny Ray Sr.                         09 Mar 1956              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Stringer, Nadine                                     05 Oct 1917               Wife of the great-grandson

Strobel, Robyn                                       01 Jan 1967               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Summerville, Anthony                                                               3rd great-grandson

Summerville, Junior                                                                    Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Summitt, Derek                                     31 Mar 1978              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Summitt, Gracie                                    28 Sep 2005               3rd great-granddaughter

Summitt, Maddie                                  21 Oct 2003               3rd great-granddaughter

Sutton, America Angeline                    14 Oct 1870               Daughter-in-law

Sutton, Sarah Lucinda                         27 Jun 1868               Daughter-in-law

Taglavore, Tony                                                                         Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Taglia, Ruth                                                                                 Wife of the great-grandson

Talley, Virginia Diane                           19 Nov 1962              Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Tankersley, Carol Joyce                      15 Dec 1954               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Tanner, ?                                                                                      Husband of the great-granddaughter

Tasse, Pamela                                                                             Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Taylor, Bonnie Sue                               20 Apr 1956               2nd great-granddaughter

Taylor, Brett                                                                                3rd great-grandson

Taylor, Dale                                           16 Mar 1931              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Taylor, Darla                                          21 Feb 1966               Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Taylor, David Michael                         03 Dec 1964               3rd great-grandson

Taylor, Delbert James                          16 Mar 1931              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Taylor, Eugene                                                                            Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Taylor, Jack Howard Jr.                       18 Dec 1945               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Taylor, Jerry Glenn                               02 Nov 1954              2nd great-grandson

Taylor, Jessica Joann                           28 Jun 1977               3rd great-granddaughter

Taylor, Richard                                     27 Apr 1921               Husband of the great-granddaughter

Taylor, Sherry Lynn                             02 Nov 1954              2nd great-granddaughter

Taylor, Suzy Lynn                                16 Jun 1981               3rd great-granddaughter

Tedford, Bernice                                   06 Feb 1929               Wife of the great-grandson

Tedford, Betsy Suzanne                      1979                            3rd great-granddaughter

Tedford, Ezra Lenord                           11 Nov 1915              Husband of the great-granddaughter

Tedford, Jason Wayne                         24 May 1973             3rd great-grandson

Tedford, Jermy Wayne                        28 May 1974             3rd great-grandson

Tedford, John Eric                                1976                            3rd great-grandson

Tedford, Leonard Wayne                    25 Mar 1947              2nd great-grandson

Tedford, Regina M                               31 Dec 1960               2nd great-granddaughter

Tedford, Roger Dale                             1953                            2nd great-grandson

Tedford, Vernon John Jr.                     1953                            Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Teel, Carol Darlene                               16 Jul 1928                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Thieke, Carl Edward                             12 May 1944             Ex-husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Thomas, Bettie Lou                              01 Sep 1932               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Thomas, Gerry                                                                            Husband of the great-granddaughter

Thomas, Jewell Alline                                                                Wife of the great-grandson

Thomas, Linda Marie                          03 Sep 1957               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Thomas, Rodeo Ray                                                                  2nd great-grandson

Thomason, Albert                                                                       Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Thompson, Gilman Edwin                  05 Dec 1936               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Thompson, Gilman Edwin Jr.             25 Aug 1955              3rd great-grandson

Thompson, Glen Eugene                     16 Feb 1957               3rd great-grandson

Thompson, Glen Eugene, Jr.               03 Jan 1977               4th great-grandson

Thompson, Robert Nathan                 05 May 1910             Husband of the great-granddaughter

Thompson, Tara Leann                       25 May 1979             4th great-granddaughter

Thornburg, Cynthia                              17 Nov 1964              Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Thorne, Karen                                                                             Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Threatt, ?                                                                                      Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Threatt, Angela                                                                           4th great-granddaughter

Threatt, Grace                                                                             4th great-granddaughter

Tidwell, Breanna Gabrielle                  12 May 1992             3rd great-granddaughter

Tidwell, Bruce Bob                               29 Jun 1955               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Tillry, Susan                                                                                 Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Toten, ?                                                                                         Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Toten, ?                                                                                         Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Townsend, Angela Renee                    13 Apr 1969               3rd great-granddaughter

Townsend, Jade                                     20 Sep 1994               4th great-grandson

Townsend, Jerry Wayne                      01 Mar 1945              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Townsend, Jerry Wayne Jr.                 28 Sep 1971               3rd great-grandson

Trautmann, Erich Helmut                   03 Oct 1973               3rd great-grandson

Trautmann, Girl                                                                          4th great-granddaughter

Trautmann, Helmut Ulrich                  01 Apr 1947               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Trentham, Child                                    Dec 1983                    4th great-grandchild

Trentham, Child                                    Dec 1983                    4th great-grandchild

Trentham, Jacky Lee                           24 Oct 1961               3rd great-grandson

Trentham, Mark Kevin                        11 Jan 1960               3rd great-grandson

Trentham, Melvis Ted                          03 Jan 1938               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Trentham, Pamela Kay                       06 Jan 1965               3rd great-granddaughter

Trimble, Royce Milton                                                               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Trimue, Rhonda Dee                                                                  Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Trott, Ashley Renee                              13 Jun 1988               4th great-granddaughter

Trott, Brandi Michelle                          10 Jun 1985               4th great-granddaughter

Trott, Brook Makie                               Abt. 1992                    4th great-grandchild

Trott, Donnie Lee                                  02 Oct 1964               3rd great-grandson

Trott, Eric                                                                                     4th great-grandson

Trott, Girl                                                                                      4th great-granddaughter

Trott, Richard Thayer                          22 Aug 1944              Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Trott, Richard Thayer Jr.                     07 Mar 1963              3rd great-grandson

Trott, Ronnie Allen Thayer                 15 Jul 1982                 4th great-grandson

Trott, Stephen                                                                              4th great-grandson

Trott, Stephen Todd                             30 Dec 1970               3rd great-grandson

Tucker, Edna                                         11 Jan 1899               Wife of the grandson

Tyson, Bob                                                                                  Husband of the great-granddaughter

Unstorm, Susan                                     10 Feb 1948               Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Upton, Allie O.                                       03 Apr 1921               Great-grandson

Upton, Harles Jay                                 20 Nov 1944              2nd great-grandson

Upton, L.J.                                              29 Dec 1922               Great-grandson

Upton, Lloyd O.                                     11 May 1919             Great-grandson

Upton, Ople L.                                       1917                            Great-grandson

Upton, Silas L.                                       21 Feb 1876               Husband of the granddaughter

Uselton, Lu                                                                                   Wife of the 3rd great-grandson

Valentin, Victoria Marie                      Abt. 1961                    Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Valles, Felipe Hernandez                     27 Jun 1961               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Valles, John                                            08 Mar 1959              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Vance, Eg                                               06 Dec                         Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Vanhorn, Lois Christine                       01 Sep 1913               Wife of the grandson

VanWinkle, Elston Walter                   20 Feb 1939               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

VanWinkle, Lela Louise                      14 Dec 1959               3rd great-granddaughter

Vardell, Arthur Stevenson                   18 Aug 1937              Ex-husband of the great-granddaughter

Vickers, Sean Jason                              20 May 1973             3rd great-grandson

Vickers, Thomas D.                              06 Apr 1950               Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter

Vines, Teresa                                          Abt. 1967                    Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Vistica, Eugenia                                                                          Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Waddell, Dorothy                                  16 Jul 1937                 Wife of the 2nd great-grandson

Waddles, Darren Ray                           10 Aug 1993              4th great-grandson

Waddles, David                                     01 Jan 1960               Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Waddles, Summer Nicole                    09 Jul 1997                 4th great-granddaughter

Wagner, Ashley Dawn                          10 Feb 1992               4th great-granddaughter

Wagner, Brent Aton                                                                   Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter